1. Both cbd and thc are usually more concentrated in females cannabis plants, as they are produced in trichomes, a part of the female inflorescence, but can also be found in males at a lesser concentration.

    Marijuana, Cannabis and hemp are all the same plant (Cannabis sativa) and can design both males and females. Hemp usually refers to old varieties used in the textile or naval industry (ropes, sails) and usually contain little thc (less than 0.5%) as varieties have been selected more for their productivity rather than their thc rates. The increasing recreational use of Cannabis has lead to the selection of varieties with high thc concentration, as its the molecule that triggers the psychoactive effect. Some varieties can now have up to 30% thc.

    In your video I would stress more the difference between cbd and thc effect, especially that cbd doesn't make you high. Many people are still mistaken by this aspect of cbd which is crucial.

  2. I have it supplements and cbd work best smoking herbs not da herb! 😂 herb singular meaning cannabis thc didn’t work. Herbs plural meaning mugwort cbd velerian root, etc.. are wonderful for it. Extreme forms of autism thc

  3. Pro tip to people who find benefit to CBD and are curious about the potential positive effects of smoking/vaping/eating (well sourced and hopefully legal) cannabis flower with THC: use it in COMBINATION with pure CBD. You can by the isolate online. If you're smoking, sprinkle a very small amount of isolate (it doesn't take much at all, maybe 5-10 mg and would look like a little more than a few grains of sand) over your weed. Don't worry if it's too much, but, it's best not to waste it if you don't need it. You can take over a gram of pure CBD at once and be totally fine. The more CBD you add, the less the THC will effect you mentally (both in terms of paranoia AND the more 'psychedelic' aspects). It essentially 'nerfs' the weed, but, keeps all the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects of THC. Always start slow and only try it in a comfortable familiar setting with no responsibilities while you're experimenting. For many people, THC helps with anxiety, but, for some it may increase it. Especially if you do too much (careful with edibles!!!).

    Adding the CBD preserves the beneficial physical and mental benefits of the THC and negates the potential anxiety or psychotic thinking that a small percentage of people might encounter. I'd recommend 1:1 ratios of THC to CBD in things like tinctures or edibles. You won't get as "high" doing this. It's also more likely to make you sleepy or tired, though (I tend to find THC far more stimulating than CBD, but still very different from something like caffeine or adderall). Many people actually prefer weed without or with low CBD because it makes them feel higher. I've found CBD to be a powerful tool for getting what I want out of more conventional weed. In various situations.

    Smoking weed on it's own was something that actually really aided me in college. It provided something I could do socially, helped with my anxiety and stomach issues, and it helped me have some of the best conversations of my life. It does have the potential to produce paranoia in unfamiliar or overstimulating environments and situations, though. If you're interested in it, I highly recommend acquiring some CBD to experiment with as well. Good luck to everyone giving it a shot, it's not for everyone, but, I've been using it for over a decade and it's become one of my special interests. I firmly believe if used accurately and responsibly it's hard to have a bad reaction to it. That being said, it can also be easy to overdo it, though the discomfort is only temporary and this scares people off of it thinking it's not for them. I imagine if you'd never had caffeine and drank 3 pots of coffee you'd think it was a horrible substance as well.

  4. The taste is not so good ..i take melatonine with cbd..works..if you are worried and sleep bad …indeed your doing wel im a wreck..getting tested..im 35 my life was a living hell…till..maybe now..verry scared my nerve systhem is broken ..

  5. ​@UC9xb4opJnWpIDd8ZuZbZHcA Unfortunately there is a bit of misinformation on this channel regarding CBD oils. But can't expect too much. There is an actual study done by the Isreal Medical University in 2018 on children with Autism. Long story short very successful and CBD oil CAN NOT heal Autism but helps with all the side affects. My son is 9 the doctors wanted to put him on Ritalin , I discovered CBD on my own and decided to give it to my son. He is on it four months already and the changes have been amazing. The hardest part is to find the right dose, because everyone reacts differently due to our biological building of our body, some people need 2 drops some need 20. Also what percent of CBD? How to start? I started with my son at 5% 2 drops a day and over two months built up slowly. Currently he is at 15 drops of 10% twice a day. I also give it to him when he is having a meltdown. I suggest writing a diary of changes you see or don't in your child or yourself, but you will see amazing changes. You can also not use a pure CBD oil (means no thc) it is the combination of CBD plus the small amount of THC that makes it work. Hope this helps since I was so lost and the doctors had no clue. @aspieworld CBD oils at a low percent are cheaper but once you get into the higher percent they are very costly. The bottle in your hand is 10ml. My son per month uses a 30ml bottle of 10% which is about 150,00 Euros. Also CBD oil can be made as high as 20%. The one thing you got right was the quality with the first bottle you had in your hand was dark green oil (that is how it should look) , Clear oil I am not too sure about and have only seen in what companies of CBD due when they alter tastes etc. If I were you I would stick to the dark green oil. Other than that CBD is amazing for Autism and a lot of other psychological illnesses including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It is also used for Epilepsy, cancer treatments, arthritis, asthma, and in general an amazing pain reliever.

  6. Both CBD and THC are extracted from the female plant flowers, the difference is basically in the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes of the strain used to make the extract.
    It's like dogs, all dogs are dogs, but a rottweiler isn't a doberman 'cuz they have some phenotypcal differences, the same occurs e.g. to the flowers of a White Widows plant and the flowers of a Charlotte's Web, they have different concentrations of THC, CBD and a dozens of others cannabinoids and terpenes and when combined those chemicals produce from slightly to "completely" different effects.
    And the method of consumption does have a great impact on the experience too, smoke, vaporize, eat or use tinctures or topical pomade can be best suited to you or not depending on your medical or recreational demands.

  7. I tried it at church where there are a lot of people and where the music can be loud. I felt less anxious and less sensory sensitive. I decided to try and have a conversation. It was easier to talk. The overthing , the fear, the not being able to speak my mind was very low compared to usual. I am going to start work as a cashier one afternoon a week this week and I will definitely use it to get my anxiety down and be able to communicate better. I have decided for now to only use it when I really need it a lot. It causes me dry mouth but by drinking a lot of water I feel better. And drinking a lot of water is a good thing. I take half of what they recommend because I'm sensitive. I can feel a little sleepy with the kind that I bought but it's not problematic. I wouldn't take mine every day because of the slight sleepiness and also I don't want my body getting used to it and needing more or having to change kinds for the same effect. But that's me. I eventually might try other kinds. For now just trying it is change enough for me. And living in Canada it's cheaper and easier for me to buy it local. Although the cbd gummies do peak my interests and they don't have any here. But not for now. Thanks for talking about cbd you are the one that gave me hope that this could help me truly. 🙂 and it does 🙂

  8. No, hemp is cannabis, male and female, that hasn't been cultivated to produce THC. To cultivate marijuana you need to grow only the female plant. The THC comes from the resins used to catch pollen. You don't get any significant THC, though, where males are plenty and pollen is not hard to come by. When there is no pollen in the air, the female plant produces more resin, therefore more THC, in "hopes" of catching any pollen in the air. Therefore, when males are present, you don't get any significant THC. When it's only females…. that's the stuff that'll get you high.

  9. I been taking it since March really helps a lot not just my autism but my Tourette's it is amazing I am so glad my mom searched and talk to people we know who use it for autism.. I am very happy it like WOW magic and I really love that it stopped my Tourette's..Can tell when it is wearing off because my Tourette's starts up again..

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