1. Just saying now this is all stuff you need if you had the money, i strictly had a grow straight water and is flourished! I was so proud of it. Now nutrients and stuff definitely help the plants to be the healthiest they can be but much love and care and positive words can go a long way with your grow if you don't have the money and supplies to do so. At least have a light bulb set up, and a pot to put your shiet in

  2. Extremely informational 🌿🌸😳🤘‼️💓💞🤗 thank you for the awesome awesome videos with great information ‼️💯🌿🌸😊 most definitely need all the great information we possibly can to grow great beautiful flowers 🌹💯🌿🎸😳🎸🎆‼️❤️ we're kicking it in The sticks 405 OKC just got legal yay lol😍💃☮️🌏❤️ I always need great information to grow big best cannabis I can Purdue's great luck to all you growers ‼️💯🌿🌿🌹👩‍🌾🤸👍😳😳😳💃☮️❤️

  3. Lighting question. What happens if lights were under the plant? What about the sides? Wouldn't this help the bending even more? What happens if there's a light underneath as well as above but switched back and forth each day?
    Just ideas…

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