1. i may try this befor i jump on tho the hard stuff. my anxiety and depression is pretty bad. making my ocd come back. i need to chill but i dont wanna get high cus i dont like the feeling of being stoned. i use to be a drinker but dont drink anymore. this sounds like something that can help me

  2. so glad i found this video ….i'm taking CBD fr anxiety . one thing i wanted to comment is that when your buying cbd oil on line . ask if the cbd oil was derived from sativa or indica plant . those are strains that the marijuana plants have . for anxiety i can't have sativa only indica strain cbd oil . so check before you buy

  3. CBD ,and CBG appearing okay effecacy for me (chronic pain, disease and stuff), not perfect but yeah, appear helpful in conjunction with a number of alternative practices(heat, electro, and stuff) adjusting potent analgesics/and, withdrawing symptoms past number of months but not perfect.

  4. Would you please get to the point ?
    The title said does CBD work for anxiety miracle cure or hype? I heard a whole bunch of talking but I did not hear you answer that question. Not directly anyway you seem to talk all around it as if well maybe it does maybe it doesn't

  5. Miraculous.
    It cured not only recurring OCD/PTSD loops…but it obliterates Alcoholism.
    And I was a huge Alcoholic.
    Took CBD for acute work related joint and muscle pain..twice a day.
    In about a month, wemt from 4 to 6 beers a day to 1.

  6. This is very interesting ive been taking Klonopin or Clonazapam 0.5mg on and off for about 10 years now, I'm 35 years old and I have CBD oil from a company called Soul. Its a $160 bottle for 30ml , My anxiety recently has gotten out of hand , where its affecting my work life and private life as well so much so that I have anxiety attacks every single day and sometimes twice per day for a month now. Its exhausting, I'm going back to the bottle of CBD oil and try that again , because I didn't know that you need to keep taking it over a long period of time for some people to feel some effects. Thank you for the info!

  7. i can answer that without watching this video, nothing you ingest or take in through the mouth and has to digest and be distributed throughout the body, is never a miracle supplement. it has to saturate your body over time before you see results, some gets in your system quicker than other, period.

  8. The cost vs. efficacy ratio of CBD products really bothers me. I got a “deal” on CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web and still ended up paying $50 for a small bottle for something that was only mildly effective at best. Third party tests have shown they’re overstating the amount of CBD in their products too, which is pretty mind-blowing.

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