1. The ns cannabis outlets look like morgues with dull white paint and sterile looking drawers on the back wall . The alcohol section is bright sunny , colourfull and pleasing . How can a cannabis consumer have a positive experience when shopping in such a dreadfull looking store . The message is clear . Alcohol is for good people and cannabis is for downtrodden sinners !

  2. When Marijuana does become legal, when young people are caught using it and driving under the influence, the best way to avoid a dangerous situation is changing the driving age to an older age. Most 16 yr olds don't drive in the first place, if they come from a lower income families. And if the age limit in driving can't be moved, then a parent needs to be with them when they are driving each time the get behind a wheel.

    Many of the comments I made are just came from the top of my head, and practically speaking it would be unreasonable to move the driving age.

    And if anyone needs to work and need to take their prescription, why not have it in tablet form in time release and in regular form.

  3. Hahahah that first question was so stupid! Alcohol is legal and it kills kids kids get into alcohol and get alcohol poisoning all the time.. you can't get marijuana poisoning lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Um… pretty sure Chris Enns just got arrested..
    he was caught with a bunch of marijuana products..
    not sure if it the same guy but there was a Chris Enns that just got arrested who owns a dispensary…

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