1. My dog was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor a month ago. I'd like to treat him with RSO but I'm afraid about the dosage is there anyone that can help guide ? I don't want to overdose my dog

  2. What people here don't realize, the CBD oil you get on ebay, most websites etc are CBD oil without THC. I assume since they keep saying cannabis oil and the tiny amount given..it contains THC. Please use caution and know the right amount to give using THC based cannabis. CBD oil without THC most likely will not cure cancer. It mostly only helps with pain and anxiety. PLEASE research and learn before thinking this is a cure. There are many more factors that come into play here. Diet, Supplementation, Home environment ..clean of chemicals and stress free home. ZERO chemicals indoors and outdoors used. Clean filtered fluoride and chlorine free water, homemade diet..preferably organic. You can't feed your dog kibble and expect your dog survive cancer. it will not happen. You need sooo much more. People must do the work to help heal their pets.

  3. Any updates on Jilly? She still going? Or did the cancer eventually claim her? Either way I'm sure she was as comfortable as could be thanks to you. I'll be starting this type of treatments on my boxer who has Lymphoma today. Still scouring the internet for much needed hope. Thx for that.

  4. CBD oil is NOT Rick Simpson Oil! You need high levels of THC derived from Indica strains. CBD is ok according to Rick, please watch Rick’s videos or his Phoenix Tears website for proper and most effective use!

  5. When you say Cannabis oil, was it from hemp or marijuana? Big difference to know. Using Hemp CBD Oil doesn't have the potency to cure cancers from what I heard. Can you please clarify? Thank you.

  6. Hi, we are dealing with Lymphoma with our 5 yr old male Golden Retriever, its heart breaking at the very least. When you mention you are giving your girl CBD oil can you tell the strength of the THC? ie .3% from Hemp or a higher level of THC?

  7. Did you use just CBD oil or CBD THC combo? My 4 year old lab was diagnosed with Lymphoma a few months ago. Today was supposed to be his last Chemo treatment and he was in remission since the 3rd treatment. This is 15. They called telling me he has swollen lymph nodes again. I'm ready to try CBD oils since it is legal here. How much do I give a 109 lb lab?

  8. Hello, thank you so much for sharing your story! My dog (half shitzu half Japanese chin) has cancer. She had a large tumour in her mouth which she had had removed twice in the last 2 1/2 months. It's very aggressive. I have been trying everything, we. Hanged her diet completely (mostly vegan now, all organic) we tried juicing, giving her baking soda, CBD oil etc… we are now trying Canabis oil, I just pray that we are not too late. You would never think she was sick just by looking at her, so when the oncologist told me that she had 2-3 months to live I was completely shocked and devestaed. Words con not express the pain/ heart break I felt. This was 2 months ago. My Pepsi is 11 years old, but she still has a lot of life in her! And I pray that she will be with us for a long time still. Please can I ask you a few questions?
    1. How long was your dog given to live before you started using the oil?
    2. How long had your dog been taking the oil when the oncologist saw that the cancer was gone? It was gone?
    3. Where did you get your canabis oil? (We made it home made but I'd love to gr your source)
    4. How much does your dog weigh?
    5. What other remedies , vitamins, supplements etc did you give your dog?
    6. What kind of diet?
    Can we exchange email addresses? I'm at officialsandramatos@gmail.com
    Thank you, I pray for your response,

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