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  1. I, will be sharing this with my specialist at the local hospital, as I am highly reactive to All classes of pharmaceuticals – the drugs on Hcl, . Are the worst for side-effects.
    I note that several health conditions were not discussed – Endomitiosus, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, PTSD, Stress, HIV/AIDS, Peripheral Neuropathology, Osteoporosis, HPV, all of which can be Amollerated, with the use of medicinal canabis.
    As for the black market, it helps, when ones supplier, knows what variety, is being sold, as the effects can then be noted, from a readily available data base, then small amounts are consumed via smoking, though my preference is to eat it, as it acts in the manner of an anti-depresant, without the Pharmacutical side-effects, and still provides the appropriate releif, like pain etc, as discussed in the pod-cast.
    Thankyou, for an informative presentation, it's much apreaciated.

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