1. your right people have been brainwashed cannabis was legal for 3000 years it's only bean illegal for 82 years. you can not make nature against the law a war on a noun what a joke. it boost our central nervous system no side affects no violence. yes g.w loose all the cannabanoids in the prosesing of it and u need all of them to work for your hole body. look how young i look for 41 and i have smoked cannabis since i was 8 and i look about 20 to 27 so i will always follow the science which has proven cannabis only smokers get less cancers than people who smoke nothing so i rest my case.

  2. It's incredible that I've been saying that weed amplifies all my feelings, thoughts , sensations like touch , hearing, taste, small ans seeing colors or even watching a show. I personally believe that this was how things should be experienced not all the time.

  3. It’s come to the point I rekon where if you wanna hate it then Fock you and leave it alone but don’t don’t go and start banning it. And how against it women are and yet they’ll go and smoke cigarettes instead amulet’ Anyway like hello. So wanting to make men into these half baked morons for you and let them get baked !!! Hehe and they say want closeness etc. ??? When this stuff makes you feel closer as well. This should f tell us how numb we’ve become with ourselves let alone each other. They need to hear it from men like this.

  4. They say when laughing you release natural pain hormones. They do not want to legalise it because people can then grow your own then the government can't put a tax on it. BOTTOM LINE

  5. I’ve been smoking weed before I lift for the last two years. Along with establishing the mind muscle connection it’s amazing the benefits together. Will never go back any other way.

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