1. The people that are having the biggest problem with marijuana being legal is the drug companies they don't want an organic safe way to take care of your pains glaucoma cancer tumors depression eating disorders so many things that marijuana naturally takes care of that the drug companies won't be able to push their pills they are the big push back

  2. Alcohol is dangerous and look how many people die in car crashes in alcohol poisoning and domestic violence and all these alcohol related crimes and what about the police officers who try to be so strict and righteous but they get liquored-up. If alcohol is legal for them to drink and get wasted then marijuana should be legal. Make alcohol illegal and we'll see how fast marijuana will be made legal it's only fair.

  3. The economy boost alone would help this state cut the federal apron strings as well as pay our teachers, police, and rescue personal. Not to mention it would create jobs help people off opiates etc…

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