1. I have been dx with breast cancer and have done 2 chemo treatments with another 14 scheduled but I TRULY DEEPLY KNOW IN MY HEART AND SOUL CANNABIS OIL IS WHAT I SHOULD BE USING TO CURE THIS CANCER 💚💜

  2. Dear "Cannabis Health Radio" what are you doing is great , but please be more specific when talking with your guests e.g. what was the type of the cancer that they had …, how did they dosage it …, in which way they were applying the oil in their system and all this small details that will be interesting for the subscribers as e.g. breast cancer is having different stages and different types … please improve, so that you have more subscribers and be more professional, please do so .

  3. Do you have any recommendations for the women who made the decision to undergo conventional treatment (surgery, chemo & radiation) for ER+ Breast Cancer in regards to a protocol to now try to heal the body of the damage and, be cancer free?

  4. People talk about cannabis oil but it is never said the dosage why can’t someone give us a clue of what to take so it’s not helping us to know about the oil without knowing more please tell us

  5. For those of us who live in states that cannabis is illegal what do you guys recommend? Is Charlotte's Web a good replacement for cannabis oil? I hope you can answer since is hard to get any answer even when you subscribed.

  6. suggesting that chemo is the cause of cancer metastasis seems very irresponsible to me. i'm all for having an open mind but that's a stretch.

  7. DO worry if it's a little bit more, especially if you're beginning it. I skipped right over any psychoactivity, and right on to throwing up a diarrhea simultaneously because I really should have titrated up slowly. Even an extra 1/4 " a grain of "dry" rice prematurely, just because it does keep oozing from the syringe, should not be taken. Just put the screw on or other cap on it. It's JUST not worth it.

  8. Speaking about the end of this; why should doctors be compensated richly, for giving you something that doesn't work 97% of the time? What a messed up health care system we have, I say legalize REAL MEDICINE and put oncologist's out of business, I hate big pharma! and politicians who think that cannabis is "The EVIL weed!" c'mon now, enough is enough.

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