1. How many people realize that the flowers they buy have an estimated THC content. It's never lab tested.
    If your medicine does not state it's lab tested it's not.
    So you never know how big a dose is.
    So micro dose people. Injest very small amounts and wait at least 15 minutes and up to 45 minutes.

  2. Wait a minute, before we tout the glory of a scientific community let us remember who was being paid to lie about cannabis all these many years. I may forgive but I do not forget
    Truth is one thing, arrogance we have had enough

  3. Good info maybe all this info needs to be sent to all dr.s mine refused me a prescription so i started my own eddibble regime and my bad limp has disappeared and i am able to walk without pain say no to opiates and yes to canabis treatment

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