1. Very informative I've stressed so much before just trying to grow hydros but your video is just so straightforward and helpful thanks for all the great videos!!🔥🔥🤙🏻🤙🏻

  2. hey man great series! I'm growing my first batch from seed and was looking to see if I was on track. good info in the videos. I'm doing a similar style grow but I noticed you aren't using an air stone and pump to add oxygen to the water? is this just a different style grow?

  3. mr. canucks buds look beautiful all the time and knows his stuff he should watch him to see if u learn anything not saying that urs wasn’t good but he has a lot of knowledge on it that u could prolly learn

  4. Wet trimming might be easier but speeding up the drying process is generally a Bad Thing 90% of the time Wet trimming also leads to Flavors and smells such as hay and grass so if you don't mind having stuff is smells and tastes like hay or grass go ahead and wet trim if you don't like that stuff. I advise you to never ever wet trim

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