1. Covid is a hoax; nobody is dying of it,people are dying and they are calling them covid deaths,one of my family is a covid death ,it’s all bullshit people,watch dr buttars series on covid on YouTube

  2. I got some small red bugs that live around the leafs and nodes but plants look healthy unfortunately I’m broke right now can’t even afford neem oil any suggestions ? How does your crop come out so good without bug care as you said you don’t use anything right ?

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  4. No joke man corona came so I started only done 50 autos lost 26 but the ones left are doing okay fear I was too late putting them in in may 😭 hopefully the next few weeks will be good for them and we get some kind of heat wave, couldn't agree more that it's hard work you smash it, mine are in a soil mix with beetle shit fish blood and bone and bone meal I also feed the a few products from bio buzz range every couple to four days depending on rain etc. Any advice ? you're doing real well in comparison πŸ˜‚

  5. Love your channel and love your growing….. I really don't mean this to be offensive, but your virus talk was a bit cooky…. OK hugely cooky and a massive turn off. International governments can hardly work together at the best of times let alone propping up a mass conspiracy without any information being leaked to the public. Its your channel but I suggest sticking to cannabis talk, not all stoners are delusional and paranoid about every action the government takes. Its a stereotype we need to shed desperately if we want our movement to be taken seriously by the public. I just thank God you kept the flat earth shit out of it. But on a positive note I love your Cannabis content…. Please keep it coming.

  6. Can you recommend a seed company? I’ve experienced some good and some very reputable ones to be bad, also what’s the strongest strain you’ve grown? Best yield strain? I do the same as you πŸ˜‰

  7. Another great video dude! Fully agree corruption with out a doubt! I knew all this shit was coming years ago, Illuminati, corrupted government. And all the naive people believe their shit, Now their controlling our food! . There training us to be animals, under their radar, under their commands. Simple. It’s all control.

    Anyways🀣 My 2 girls are slowly getting a bit of yellowing only on the leaf edges? Tips are fine just the edges, There about 5ft tall just about to go into flower? Shed any light??

  8. Great video, got great results using your mix, few weeks behind in the West mids but looking a lot better then any previous attempts I’ve made,You should start a social media group fighting the lies , have an army of prepared outdoor warriors sharing tips on how we can survive what they are going to bring in the next few months/ years. Don’t let anybody get you down with their bbc fed bullshit, peace love and respect !

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