1. Yeah, CBD Oil can help depression and anxiety IF its caused because of Physical pain or illnesses. If you got depression because you're constantly in pain, taking the pain away cures your depression.

    Oils wont balance out the chemicals in your brain tho. If you have depression because of other reasons, this will most likely not help.

  2. i was looking for wish video and somehow landed here. Yet i feel like i should give it a shot. Im have the same with 1000 of thoughts in a blink of a sec, lightheaded and i put so much pressure on myself. I will let you know how my test went. But thanks already for this vid. Have a beautiful day everyone 🙂

  3. My name is Alyssa as well, and I’ve been sick recently these past 2 years and have discovered CBD as well. Not only is it helping me gain weight back, but it takes away my anxiety too, just amazing.

  4. I'm a survivor of domestic abuse which has unfortunately left me with severe anxiety and PTSD. I have heard really good things about Cbd but have not been able to try it thank you for doing this video it was much needed

  5. I've been taking CBD for awhile now and I was surprised to see a video about CBD on your channel. It has been working wonders for me as well. I take it because I was put on antidepressents last year and told myself I would never take them so then I researched cbd oil and its benefits

  6. Off topic but for periods why don’t you go on Depo Pervera. I’ve been on this birth control for years and it took away my period and now I don’t pass out every damn month from my periods 😂😂 now on topic… I need to try this😩😩 I wish I could have used cbd oil during high school🙄

  7. Just like any antidepressants, use this as a supplement. Many people don’t change their lifestyles and rely on a product to do all the work. This will lead to dependency on anything, whether it be CBD or antidepressants . And yes, CBD is a bit costly, BUT if you use this as a supplement when you really need it, then you will be better off and save money. Along with therapy, I currently vape CBD, my cartridges are about 35 dollars for half a gram. I can make this thing last for well over a month and life has been a tad better. I hope this helps anyone looking into CBD and such : )

  8. My sister has used CBD oil for years now and idk why I never thought about trying it, I also have anxiety, depression, and, migraines, as well as another condition that I wonder if CBD oil could help with

  9. Our minds are literally the same. My boyfriends dad has a cbd company and I’ve always been so scared to try it because I’ve had horrible experiences with smoking weed. Bf now that I see how it’s helped you I might try it. I can see how thankful you are for having that. Thank you so much💜

  10. I completely understand having chronic migraines. I have had a migraine everyday for a year and have not found anything that alleviates them, I have been to two neurologists, I have gone back to my doctor multiple times and I have had and MRI done and we still don't have an answer and why they have continued. I have also delt with dizziness and lightheadedness, I get extremely nauseous some days. I am also extremely photosensitive and scent sensitive. I have gone the hospital and the meds they gave me didn't work

  11. Thanks for giving us this well information. I know I’m going to use this to help someone I know who deals with anxiety. BTW I can’t wait until you move so we can see some really cool deco videos and maybe some DIYs videos too.

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