1. What about people (including me) I sleep 6 hours and I can’t sleep more than that, even doing lots of exercise I just can’t go back to sleep one I’m awake

  2. ive drinked 5 beers and 5 coffees yesterday sleeped 9 hours last night waked up feeling like shit lol did i even sleep? want to sleep for 3 more hours but got out of bed and make myself a espresso right away haha ive tried quitting caffeine couple moths ago and after 2 weeks my sleep was so good getting 7 hours of sleep and dreaming the whole night and only waking up maybe 1 time to pie instead of 3 orso.
    was feeling calmer and more happy at work also but then i drinked 1 cup of coffee again at 3 at mid day and wanted to sleep at 10:30 in the evening i had insomnia till 5 oclock feld like absolute shit the next day.
    the only thing when i had quitted caffeine was that my workout where not that great, working was fine but after work i was like ehhh not that motivated to workout… normaly i taked a dubble espresso and was going.
    gonna quit another time this time forgood but gotha plan it a little bit taking a week of from work etc getting rid of my coffee machine lol

  3. I never understood snooze buttons. When my alarm goes off, I'm awake for the day regardless if I want to be or not. Having to wake up multiple times a day and miss out on that few minutes of sleep sounds like self torture.

  4. I stoped smoking weed. Exactly what he suscribes is what was going on with me I was waking up with headaches, tired, sluggish and sometimes I would fall in these deep cycles of depression and I medicaided all of this with more weed. I’m still liberal on weed but this guy hit it right on the nail.

  5. What if I get very annoying REM cycle sleep.. so much dreaming that it wakes me up constantly??… I woke up like 3 times during the night.. And finally, 50 minutes before my alarm.. I just couldn't sleep anymore.

  6. Did anyone else notice that he didn't answer the question presented in the video title, "How to improve your sleep"? It's a pet peeve of mine and the psychology-type YouTube videos do the same thing, usually. The experts do a great job of describing the problem, and the consequences of the problem but seldom provide proven, effective solutions that will help resolve whatever condition(s) being considered. Makes me a bit crazy sometimes.

  7. Day 3 without THC, dreamt I was in a terrorist compound in the desert and they were entering the site while I was trying to hide with no other exits. If they found me they wouldve cut me up with machetes. I literally ran and hid into a corner and forced myself to wake up. I wasn't even lucid dreaming (I don't think) before this but I was so terrified I thought this had to be a dream. Thankfully I woke up shit scared. interesting how REM rebound works

  8. you say about coffee: "It is the second most traded commodity on the planet, after oil." when actually it is the number 70th. how much common sense or fact checking has been done while writing "why we sleep"?

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