1. I smoked some African Nunjemba and I opened the door of a plane I was on at 23,000 feet. They arrested me in Nairobi and deported me back to Chicago Illinois after three days in lockup. This is know to be the strongest most potent cannabinoid on Earth.

  2. smoking pot will turn your lungs black..I smoked for approximately 15 years daily pipe and water bong and my lungs are black I cough up black flegm daily. So yea no more killing my lungs.. I am imagining the black goop you dig out of a pipe coating my lungs…I thank my merciful Lord Jesus for not letting me die, and for showing me my black lungs so I may get to reverse some of the damage. I plan to eat cannabis but I have to find out how people eat pot without the stomach acids (pepsin) destroying the THC compounds I don't get it but people say you can get a nice buzz from eating weed.

  3. I'm here as I seem to have damaged my lungs and heart with waaay to much smoking. (doctors are still investigating) I've been told I must give up smoking immediately. Going without Nicotine is tough but I can do it. However my marijuana is a different story. I simply cannot go without being stoned. I NEED A WAY TO EAT IT!!!

  4. They should have someone who has experience with using cannabis to do tutorial videos. This woman has such rudimentary knowledge. While she did get quite a few points correct, her limitations prevent her from being informative.

  5. 45 minutes is not enough time to feel the effects at all for some people, especially if there is food in the stomach it can take up to 2 hours for someone to feel the effects of eaten cannabis(edibles). I hear all the time people eat a portion of an edible, then wait 45 minutes, and dont feel anything so they eat the rest. Next thing they know they're way too high and have a bad trip, and it can ruin it for some novice users. Who have sensative cannainoid receptors. People with little experience with edibles should use extreme caution when first trying them, and wait 2 hours before they eat more, and after a few days you will easily know the perfect dose for yourself.

  6. I'm in recovery from heroin and coke. Heroin was my drug of choice. I take suboxone though. I've been clean almost 8 years. However, I have chronic pancreatitis. I've been dealing with this for about 6 years. I've been told that pot helps with this but I'm afraid that if I start using pot, it will lead to using other drugs again. That's something I'm scared of. I already take ambein to sleep and I run out because I have such a high tolerance that I have to take 2 to sleep. I know that pot helps with sleep too. Any tips?

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