1. i've made this before! it's great. do you have any ideas on how to make it less oily/more matte on application? maybe beeswax, but do you have any other suggestions?

  2. I have a question I just made 2.5 cups of a CBD topical using 28 grams of ACDC 19% as the flower. I used 20 drops of essential oils but the smell is still really heavy. I made my topical by combining beezwax and my infused oil. My question is can I melt down my product and add more essential oils to mask how potent the smell is? I have serious arthritis and bursitis and until 2 weeks ago I was on opioids for 11 years. This really is my only hope for getting any relief.

  3. Is there a reason you don't decarb the cannabis in topicals? The advantage I see with your recipe would be the increased amount of oil. I just made a cannabis lotion if you want to check that out. With an actual lotion you have roughly 25% oil to 75% water. I used decarbed cannabis in the recipe since I had extra from my edibles. The lotion is not greasy and absorbs nicely but I'm curious to know if the results would be similar (made with decarbed cannabis but less oil).. If you get a chance to make it let me know how you like it. I also have psoriasis

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