1. i wouldnt smoke anything made with olive oil brah. Simply why dnt u use a vacuum pump and purge all that alcohol out man and let it sit after 24-48hrs and wala. no need for olive oil which im sure its olive oil is beneficial but not foR the lungs when you vaporize it. you get ammonia like that

  2. Looks like cannabis is going to be legalized soon. Colorado and Washington State leading the way. It will reduce enforce costs and generate tax revenue AND shut down cartels.

  3. Love watching amateurs make mistakes and act as if they know . For one you never even decarboxylated the product so it’s not food worthy , for 2 your extract is nearly 80% waste material such as wax’s , lipids and chlorophyll being you didn’t properly filter with a Buchner vac, and for the third mistake you never checked your temp while boiling of the alcohol . Thc and terps boil off at a lower temp then your heating device can produce . 4th issue I see if your solvent contains harsh non consumable products , Pat and not least you completely rendered your final product non useable by using non organic ethanol and diluting the cannabis extract with olive oil ! Bad idea ! Good luck

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