1. Hey nice one over there bro !!

    So to confirm; the bottom fraction (precipitate) left in the jar once frozen is actually the fats/lipids and contains no CBD?!?!?

    If so ive been doing this wrong"!!

    silly me :/

  2. I'm sorry man but isopropyl alcohol is not the solvent you should be advocating to reach for when making oil. You are going to have a harsh ass oil and loose terpenes when cooking off the alcohol the way you explained it. Also put some damn gloves on if you're really serious about making medicine. I really hope that you're not a caregiver using this method nor should you be advocating that people use this method to help people on there last limb. Not trying to be dick but this vid is just a quick tutorial on what not to do.

  3. STOP! this is dangerous that vac pump isnt rated for flammable effluent you need a better pump and a cold trap to protect the pump dont be stupid!

    although nothing happened to you it can happen as even though the alcohol isnt being sucked through he pump the vapor is and this is bad it can explode it is rare but can happen so I would not do this, you should just build a lab and do it that way if you cant afford that then you should have someone else do it for you who has that lab

  4. where do i get a hash making bag? is there another name for it? how do you clean cheese cloth/hash bag? also the still , what is the name of the still? and
    are there other options? is it necessary to use a still?

  5. You have great videos. I have learned a lot. Step 4 removes the lipids. Can you tell me why you WANT to remove the lipids?
    Might it be desirable to leave the lipids in the medicine for some conditions? Maybe you talk about this in the other video?
    Thanks for the good info on a subject that is just littered with bad info.

  6. Can you over soak the material? What would happen if you soaked it in an air tight container for a few hours or over night? Also is there any good use for the post extracted materials?

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