1. I feel like steaming my yoni soothes the cramps, ginger & honey tea, chocolate xo lovely to hear how cbd was for ya. Magnesium can be soothing also xx

  2. This is a great video ! Thank you . I’m in the same boat sis . On this journey along side of you ! I get everything you listed also . I think dehydration is a big factor so thank you for reminding me (as I pour a glass of water after this). Aunt Flo showed up this morning and on my lunch break I immediately went to my local health food spot and snagged oil ( Hemp Flower Naturals brand) and a topical (Inessence Aromatic Naturals) . The oil seemed to help a little after two full droppers ( spaced over 3 hours ) and I just put on the topical . Finding the right dose has been difficult since I do smoke ganja regularly so my tolerance is high (no pun intended) lol ANYWYAY – good luck w this and thanks for spreading the message . It’s truly the healing of the nation !

  3. Right dosage is the key 🙂 Many people feel nothing because they follow some BS recommendations about taking few drops of low potency oils. With CBD you need to be bold and experiment. You can't overdose and even WHO says it's safe 🙂 Great video!

  4. I use CBD for my cycle but I also take it for ADHD. When paired with a plant based diet and other herbs like Burdock, ashwagandha, and ginger I have seen an improvement in my overall wellness. Less cramping and changes in energy/mood. O and I do water aerobics in a heated pool 3 times a week. So I am sure the combination is what is helping me. CBD alone like you stated does not work for me.

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