1. hemp oil is the darkest and wateriest oil I've ever used. I just recently started using it on my hair, along with castor oil which is really thick. So least to say… I can't wait to try this on my skin!

  2. Did your skin purge at all? I can’t tell if my face is likening the hemp oil. I think it is but I’m still getting acne. Maybe I’ve been using too many things at once.

  3. My skin always gets really dry after I cleanse my face even when I use moisturizer. But let me tell you, I used hemp oil and after only one day I saw a HUGE difference. I put it on after washing my face before bed and the next day my skin was extremely smooth the entire day which never happens. It’s magic.

  4. As a victim of hormonal acne, this oil has worked beautifully on my cystic acne. I use it as a moisturizer after washing my face with a gentle cleanser, and having let air dry my face.

  5. yes hemp oil does work but I go the extra mile and infuse raw and cooked cannabis in it too, also I researched up all the best organic oils and other planet herbs for healing and I never had such beautiful skin every where and it only takes me about 2 weeks for a nice golden flawless tan. Everyone always talks about my skin being so lovely and so beautiful but they don't notice me losing 60 pounds in 4 months:( makes me think to just not even diet lol.

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