1. Use it wisely, but it is no substitute for self realization and true enlightenment. Like all psychedelics, when it is no longer treated as sacred it cheapens both the experience and your position in the universe. In other words, for gods sake, take a tolerance break you f*cking stoners!

  2. we r just humans to enjoy all flavours in nature upto limit without effecting our health which is my idea as we can see most of population are educated and having sense of knowing limits and boundaries in life and habbits 🎃

  3. if we can produce anything we want then y we take food to survive…we can produce energy by ourseleves na🎃…..only 2-5% of overall population may produce with in themselves which is also not sure sadguru

  4. Why people need an other substance from outside to make them feel better about their self? This is not living, this is avoiding living. If shiv smoked weed and we try to give ourself a justification to do the same, why can't we do other aspects of him? Drink poison! Meditate 3 months straight! Wear skin! Dance on fire! No no no, these things a human can't do! You don't need to be a copy monkey! It's so simple to understand that using toxics damages your body and brain, whoever support it wants to ruin humanity because they believe what they have experienced, saw and realised. They haven't lived the world from other ways! They know what they know. It's common to use your brain, use it! Sadhguru(above anything) 🙏

  5. The countries where weed is legalised have less crime reports and the people are more responsible as compared to those countries where weed is banned…the people there are more happy…fact says that weed is 114 times less harmful than cigerette and hookah…even according to hindy mythology weed us considered as sacred plant…it was legal in india until 1985 after which india has to bann it under the peer pressure of US as they had to promote their pharmaceutical(which mainly involved pain killers) industries in india..and guess what …in US itself weed is legalised in 25 states…weed is also the penicillin of ayurveda…weed makes people happier and healthier…and just remember one thing any thing in excess is awful…just because this guy didn't smoke it ..he wants noone to smoke it..as fucking simple as that

  6. Only if there were more people like you in our society I would have never touched it but. This reality is too cruel that I need an escape to a better place. My life just got better. Pains in my past are no longer an issue now. I hardly remember it. So it depends on how concerned you yourself are about it. Abiding by your own precautions. But I do love the way you think.

  7. I can feel the love from this guy. I don’t call him sad guru I call him happy guru! Imagine a world full of people like this! That would be Xanadu! Bless you Sadhguru!

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