1. I think you and your husband's HIV medication has your mine diluted there's no actual physical evidence or proof that smoking weed while pregnancy is harmful because I was told it's not harmful and I did with all of my children the doctor told me that smoking marijuana while pregnant is less harmful than drinking coffee every morning speaking from personal experience it causes no long-term health issues no mental illnesses nothing and I was born with asthma… And no it doesn't affect my breathing….

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  3. I had to have minor surgery when I was pregnant, they prescribed vicodin for 2 weeks, butalbital/acetaminophen/caffeine for the last week, and I was also given morphine intravenously. my doctors said it was completely safe and her body would filter it out faster and better than my body. I would like to understand why those 3 were safer for me than cannabis.

  4. For the people who are saying smoking weed is bad for your baby is bad. Just stop there. You’ve either never been pregnant or not a woman or have never even tried pot. Bunch of retards trying to give so called “advice” when they haven’t been pregnant while smoking pot so just stop commenting complete bs

  5. I'm pregnant….and I quit all these…and I'm taking care of my pregnancy….cause giving birth comes once and….after when my kids grown up then I can started it again….but for now it's dangerous…so please to all mothers quit smoking for the sake of your unborn child 🙏

  6. Marijuana is definitely the lesser of all evils. Even prescriptions from doctors is 1,000X worse then smoking weed while pregnant. Obviously you shouldn’t do anything while pregnant but if you have to choose I would rather go for the plant vs a genuine pig pill

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  8. Dnt impregnate a cow to begin with and you won't have this problem. Marijuana is only a miracle drug for the mad cows disease. Loving mothers would only think of their child first ahead of themselves.

  9. DON'T! My doctor wouldn't let me take a teaspoon of Robitussin. NOW, 23 years later, my son is entering medical school. My friend, who smoked pot, her son, cannot function. Stays stoned and drunk. 'Nuf said. Don't do it!!!!!

  10. Scientifically speaking: the chances of being harmed by cannabis is 1 to 1 billion. You cannot be harmed by cannabis unless tou do one of the following.

    1) choke on a nugget.
    2)get crushed by a bunch of weed.
    3) a cop finds weed on you and shoots you because theyre all trigger happy thugs.

    So its funny. So funny how you think for a secons cannabis can negatively affect your children IN FACT It has more of a chance to bennefit you and your child.

    Dont buy the bullshit our government is feeding you think for yourselves if you fear getting out there and learning for your own self you are NOT free you are a slave.

    Call me crazy but if you havent noticed our government is more controlling every passing year.

  11. I wish more people would test with edibles. Obviously smoking ANYTHING is bad because you're replacing your oxygen supply with something else. But what about specifically the consumption of THC/Cannabis in an edible form while pregnant? It's really hard to find any unbiased studies that are definite answers, it's all theoretical

  12. I honestly don’t know what to think. My mother smoked cigarettes with me throughout her entire pregnancy, and I came out perfectly healthy, as did my brother. Someone said it’s just a numbers thing. There’s just a chance you’re taking. Your child may come out healthy or not, maybe it depends on genes as well?

  13. All I got was that we don’t really know if there are significant consequences for preggo pot smoking. We all know about the crack babies hoax. If you don’t look it up. We had that similar stigma about marijuana use. But, as we develop more data with the rising rate of legalization and use, the evidence would suggest that the consumption of THC, CDB, THCV etc. are generally harmless to us and yield many benefits for patients and recreational smokers alike. With the technology for creating distillates improving, we are getting closer to infusing pure chemical doses rather than resorting to burning a plant. I’d, say that doctors debate this topic. Since there is no definitive answer, we should rely on the evidence when you make the decision to smoke (preferably vape) marijuana while pregnant.

  14. I'm in the mist of my pregnancy, 29 weeks and I've been smoking daily since the morning aka daily sickness started. 1st trimester, I was loosing weight, everything I ate was coming up and due to the rumors I told myself I wasn't going to smoke, blah blah blah. I tried to eat a sandwich and threw it up and literally said to my husband "I gotta get some green, my apatite is going flatline" literally after 30 mins of being high , I was ready for some food lol. I felt like me again!!! Been smoking since, it helps me chill , relax , not over think and eat !! She looks great, great weight, always moving and karate kicking me lol and I feel great .. make your own decisions ladies. I'm always in Las Vegas were weed is legal , so if you are in a good state- fire it up. Obviously don't smoke like 420 but do a lil sumn sumn , you'll be fine!


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