1. Ask her where she stands on Affirmative Action, because as Hassan Mihnaj said, Asians want our spot in college? They probably want our jobs and housing, too. Ask her about Indians getting business loans for convient stores in Black communities where Blacks can't get business loans? Ask her about homes in places like Compton and Harlem where homes are being bought out and the rents raised too high by Middle-Easterns so Blacks can't rent. Ask her why plants have brought in Punjabi Indians to farm for them rather than relocating Blacks and Whites from the South.

  2. Who commits a vast majority of homicides is America. Just look up the FBI crime statistics. Who's killing who???? Yeah exactly. There should only be down votes on this video. https://youtu.be/lk_HwNv9MSw. . If you don't want to be arrested and sent to jail, than don't commit crime, don't hangout with people who commit crime and don't join gangs. Its real simple. Don't protect people who commit crimes especially violent crime.

  3. So the Republicans stole the thumbs up section votes?! 🤣 let the record show twice as many thumbs down….so when Biden/Harris lose ….don't start crying foul Democrats.. the people are speaking loud and clear.

  4. 18:02 "which OUR kids really rely on"…. Who thinks she is including little white children when she says "Our kids"?? If that is okay with you, that's fine, to each their own… seems ignorant but that's not the fools fault.. I know plenty of angry white people who would love to stop caring for other peoples kids, to each their own right??? Is this really what people want??? They are preparing to take away every social institution. A tit for a tat. you start playing by a new set of rules your opposition will counter in turn. You exclude us, we exclude you, and so on and so forth. they are trying to revive segregation because currently Anti-Jim-Crow legislation is a thorn in the side of private business. Remember the gay wedding cakes, first nail in the coffin for civil right legislation.. Private and Public schools were next. The Supreme court just said Public Tax Dollars are going to be spent on private schooling…You know you can be removed from a private school for any reason they want to make up. When the pie gets split between private and public schools guess who gets less pie…the poor people, because the public schools now have to share, and, poor people go to public schools… As anyone who tries to equate race to class will tell you, lots of black people are poor… my sister tries to tell me she can afford the things she can't (biological sister.. i'm white lol) I tell her not to pretend she is rich when she is poor… if you think your kids will be the lucky ones making it into the expensive private academy you need to listen to the sentiment offered in my brotherly advise… you won't be able to afford it…

  5. 17:38 "as leaders we can never do enough, its important to acknowledge that" setting those expectations extra low, and dodging the question a second time.. they asked WHAT will she actually do, and she just talks about problems, never sharing any plans for a solution… wack

  6. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to work together representing U.s. they need to do a session or two of Truffles Therapy and then they are going to need to do a session of peyote with a Native American Shaman guide. Then this Land and this Country can start to become One with itself.
    I believe that they can do it
    and they can do it all legally, right now.

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