1. My vision has its being sold retail like cigarettes and beer… Imagine a bulk pack of blunts/joints or a slab of concentrate or strain selection like Wholefoods' nut section…I can go all day, endless ideas

  2. I just don't get the idea of people insisting on stopping people from doing certain things only because they don't like it.

    For example, those who want to ban all drugs (and no, I'm not just talking about weed, which isn't even a drug… anyway, less so than alcohol or cigarettes). Why do you give a sh** if someone is taking them? "Oh, they're killing themselves… it's bad"… so is McDonald's, you fat f***. None of your business.

    Same about the pseudo-feminists who want to ban prostitution. Why do you give a sh** if two consenting adults choose to do it for money? None of your business. Instead of passing laws to protect sex workers, you make the decision for them what is good for them? You decide what is respectful or disrespectful for that woman to do? Who gave you the ownership of all women?

    And the ones topping the idiot category, those who are scared of transgender people using the toilets of the gender they identify is… why do you give a sh**? There's zero danger for you in that, you're just being an ar**hole. You know darn well that a transgender woman will not do anything to your wife or daughter in the toilet, she's just there for a piss.

    Mind your own business, people. Nothing is worse than f***ing puritans.

  3. it's a "hobby" but yet it is compared an essential like "food"? In a country where we have "food eating contest"…

    Like… why not the bloody obvious "alcohol"? You know, the other "actual" hobby? maybe? naw? oh well…

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