1. Got prescribed medicinal cannabis oil for my severe epilepsy by my Neurologist is the only medication that can prevent my seizures haven’t had one since using my oil can eat better not having a torn apart tongue from seizures, sleep better and now my life’s getting better thanks to this

  2. It will come about just like America.
    It won't be legalised until the politicians can set them self up in the market on boards if directors to monopolize the market & make personal wealth.

  3. common Australia i just heard Denver (the state where Colorado is) just raised a billion dollars from cannabis revenue. they spent it all on education. lets stop putting young men in prison stop calling our sons and daughters criminals. the people have clearly spoken.

  4. High time for Australia people who are in politics to wake up and realize that this is a natural plant that helps with almost anything, especially pain and stop letting your people suffer!! Do some research and do the good for all people!!

  5. my experience with weed :
    Helped me quit smoking
    Lost 45 KG and also i got motivated to work out
    helped me quit drinking
    now i stopped weed over night because i no longer need it ..

    idk why this heavenly plant is still illegal

  6. Gary is actually relating ice to marijuana come on , you clearly have a sad life , when the time comes and one of his family memers need it lets see what he says

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  8. Way better than being up to the eyeballs on endone, targine or other opiates as the mainstream system wants…..Pisses me off…If I take my "safe and prescribed" pain relief, I am a zombie…..

  9. Gary Cris – let’s put this in perspective… let’s talk about alcohol & addiction… should it be legal Gary Cris? Cannabis is way less harmful than many other legal drugs… the reason cannabis is illegal is because initially hemp farming was going to put paper manufacturers out of business… that’s why hemp has been illegal all this time also… hemp & cannabis are the most useful plants on the planet.. but I’m a plant scientist what would I know right?

  10. Maybe you should be in as much pain as the young guy has lived in before you start downing a great plant that has saved many lives and helped many with pain. All about greed from BIG PHARMA!

  11. It's dangerous? Then dont take it. I have ASD and you want me to pay ZAR1000 for Seroquel or Risperdal? To hallucinate, grow moobs or pass out every 5 mins? While I do believe prescription medicine is great and it has helped me, its "pharmaceutical" quality and all that; cannabis doesnt give me any of those cognitive side-effects in a way that impairs my cognitive functions. Cannabis is also accessible: from your garden; not waiting for 6hrs in a government hospital for a prescription.

  12. ok,with me, 3 strokes,broken neck,steal plated,chronic pain 24/7, story short, cant get cannabis,but major pain killers,anti-depression tabs well those a fine,get real, a plant is natural, and bottom line,it WORKS

  13. The reason cannabis and all other drugs for that matter have been illegal is because they are a drugs which if not abused can stimulate the pineal gland in the brain and encourage critical thinking / enlightenment which would make the user much more self aware of their oppressive surroundings and start to ask questions regarding such !

    NO Dictoral Government wants this ! Think about it for a minute …… if you were a dictator trying to rule over a large group of people , would you want them smart , questioning authority , capable of critical thought OR dumb , docile zombies whom believe everything your propaganda machine ( mainstream media ) tells them and whom practice Cognitive Dissonance and police each other … ?

    So , smart & enlightened or dumb & docile …. which do you think is easier to rule over !

    This also ties in greatly with the education / health / religion & Government systems which are in place to keep everyone indoctrinated with daily social engineering etc …

    Oh , forgot … Cannabis has FANTASTIC NATURAL HEALTH BENEFITS as well !

    Big Pharma doesn't like it at all …. that's why they will be in charge of the seeds given out with this new " legalisation process " …. all will be Genetically Modified and the CBD health component removed leaving only the THC to keep everyone in a trance , just like alcohol and opium etc …..

    If it's legal than you can bet that it's for a reason .

    As President Franklin D Rooservelt once said " Nothing in Government is Ever Done by Accident "

  14. It's just a disgrace what the gov are doing to sick people they made a scheme that is a failure because only those who are at the top end of town can afford it sadly , GC you have no idea what your talking about i think I'd rather happy mellow adults than abusing drunks now that's where your essential services are kept busy from the abuse that drunks do and there is a difference between recreational and MEDICAL cannabis GC , shame shame shame Australia

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