1. Dr Uma Dhanabalan is an incredible woman and to show how much she cares, I left her a Facebook message with a little bit of info about myself and she actually called me (I'm in Florida and she is in Massachusetts) and she cared enough about me to call me on her way from work to somewhere she was going to speak to a group of people. She has steered me in the right direction and given me some hope that there is a better tomorrow. We just need to get the government here in the U.S. on board. I'm sure some of the GREEDY CEO's of Big Pharma do not want us growing our own medicine, they want us to be dependent on their poison.

  2. Hey James! David here. Just found your channel looking at how incredible juicing cannabis is. Maybe I could of saved my dad. Thanks for the lawyer number. Found out yesterday I have court July 12th. Putnam sheriff is up for election and trying to use my case to help him win. Has me, caught with half pound leaves I was juicing to help my disabled back he's grouping me with 11 others he caught selling crack in the street saying he shut down my weed farm to save the people of Putnam co. Never been in trouble in my 50 years and they are trying to give me 10years with no pain meds. How am I supposed to live through that? I'll call you later. David

  3. What a fantastic and informative video. This doc really seems to know about medicinal cannabis! This video should be on daytime tv so people can know and understand about the multitude of medicinal uses that cannabis possess'.

  4. Fantastic Video.  Explained so I could understand.
    I live in ME and today when I applied for Med. Marj.. Lic. I was told that they do not give a lic for COPD/Empasema unless I have pain.  I do not.  I am very sick and on oxygen.  Can you give me some constructive suggestions.  ThaNK YOU.

  5. Thank you I really need this. I live in the qwinnett area.. amd I had a recommendation out of this state 3 yrs ago amd went to az and was able to get a card. . I suffer with p.t.s.d, bipolar, siatica, slip disc l4-l5, migraines, hypermesis (severe nausea and vomiting), and cyst.. I have taken so many meds been hospitalized and wore a zophran pump and helped not.. finally I was given alot of literature on cannibis. Finally began to use it and I began to come alive again.. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH.. GA HAS TO SEE.. PPL HAVE TO SEE.. WE NEED THIS MEDICINE.. this is our God given right..

  6. As I have watched this video I know I did so for a reason. I am one of the very tinder hearted people. I live in Warner Robins Ga. and have been keeping up with these children and don't think I have ever had my heart touched when seeing that help they need it out there. But the govnerment will not understand this. I have also been disable in 1997 when I had my first back surgery with so much hardware. Then my next surgery in 1998. The day I left the hospital i had to be taken in a Ambulance the pain was to the point my blood pressure was to stroke levels. Make long story stort I have yet to find doctors in Ga. that care about there paitents. I am at the point I feel I can only move to a state that I can get the medican I need. I am not going back on chemicals I have gotten off them because I do and have used canncbis since I was 19 years and I am now 51 years. The last thing that I feel I need to say I what this did to my children as they grow up was so unfair to them. Know I have grandchildre that I can't even keep because I am to scard that someting will happen to them and I will not be able to get the help they need.

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