1. If one renounces the demon Shiva in the Name of JESUS CHRIST the LORD, one will probably lose all desire to use marijuana or any related substance recreationally, since the destroyer ("Shiva", also known as "Rudra") is the source of all unnatural cravings for drugs, especially those derived from cannabis.

  2. Status today on the NJMMP, they only have a few dispensaries in the whole state. Those dispensaries distribute mostly Curaleaf products so there’s really only one player cashing in. Many of these dispensaries are working non stop on a cash only system and they only have to worry about paying NJ their clean taxes (4% of each item sold). The demand and the amount of patients are way greater than the dispensaries can handle. The state of NJ lawmakers control over the marijuana is disgusting. They don’t want to pass a recreational marijuana law that would cut advantage in their favor.

  3. hate when ppl being up the DUI excuse for weed like we’re that irresponsible. what about construction workers drinking on the job, are they even safe to drive back home like gtfoh

  4. Great just what we need potheads driving around. Like we don't have enough DUIs. Really? Motor vehicle accidents and Colorado went up 70 percent as a result of the legalization of weed.

  5. Let's be honest here, pot is not legal because it is seen as a drug of people with brown faces. Don't forget all the money that is taken for court fees/fine which pays a large budget of the town's and cities costs. Preying on the poor is what it is .

  6. You would think that toxic gas such as hydrogen sulfide would be a priority for the NJ state government. Just like the water in Newark, Kearny is being poisoned by Keegan Landfill

  7. Well born and raised in Newark New Jersey so I haven’t lived there myself since 2011 but please fix the issue that’s happening in Newark about our water it concerns me and I got fam drinking that water probably hope you’re doing a great job in my home state gov

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