1. I was also wondering if i could add some coloring into the balm just so that it doesnt leave a yellow stain from the tumeric, and can I use the same ingredients or less to make pain relief body butter?

  2. Hi is it possible to make this with the help of the levo machine? Does this make the entire house smell like weed? How can I make a larger batch?

  3. Hi there liz, thanks for the informational video. Dont know if youll see this, but i have attempted to recreate this by using 4x the amount of what you used for a bigger batch, and found that my cream ends up slightly gritty against the skin, as if one of the ingredients is making it chalky or gritty, maybe you have a little insight, thanks.

  4. So glad I stumbled upon your channel! My daughter suffers for EDS along with multiple other invisible illnesses. We’ve used cannabis to manage her pain for a while now but need another layer to add to her relief. Going to give this a shot. Just have one question for you. I have to turmeric essential oil is the amount added the same as the tincture? Thank you!

  5. Have a question. Getting ready to make this but always used coconut oil vs butter for edible gunnies and balm. What is the difference? Why not use coconut vs real butter? Is this just preference? Also how many ounces of product you use per recipe?

  6. I love the part when you say if anyone is counting and there’s 32, I don’t want to hear it! I absolutely love you and all you’re videos. You’ve made my life so much easier and I’m now able to make my own stuff instead of buying it, one question, does the turmeric stain you’re skin??

  7. Wow, thank you for sharing, can't wait to try this. 🙂 Quick question, can I substitute tapioca starch with regular corn starch? Or will that have a different effect? Thank you.

  8. It goes on pretty yellow on my skin and it ales forever to soak in and make the yellow tint go away..?!? Maybe leave out the turmeric powder next time? It goes on really yellow when it’s applied.

  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I made this for my wife with scoliosis and she loved it. She said it stained her bra yellow was her only gripe. I mixed it well. Maybe next time use less bees wax or less tumeric? Idk.

  10. Man I was worried about this as I bought all the ingredients and added 1500MG of CBD oil which was expensive! I doubled up the receipe and filled up 8 2oz jars when finished. Also the only Essence oil I used was Lemongrass and I did 50 drops. It smells perfect! and the consistantsy is perfect as well. This is with out a doubt better than anything I have purchased at the dispensary at $80 a jar. I'm into everything for about $220 but have enough ingredients to do at least 4 more batches less the CBD oil. I think one major importance when making this is to definitely use a mixer as she described. It makes it so much smoother and fluffy and just gives it that great look and feel you get from the expensive vendors selling CBD cream or balm. It's doesn't leave your skin oily and mixes great into the king with a very smooth texture. I can't thank you enough!!!!! I've been spending a good $200 a month on pain cream for my joints and this works su much better and a ton cheaper!

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