1. What you're talking about is a myth. Every plant started from seed will have a vegetative phase. Just because your light cycle might not be 18 on 6 off but 12 on 12 off does not change the fact that a plant grown from seed will have approximately a 4-week vegetative state before it even begins to consider flowering. Lights cycle be damned. Only clones have it in them to be able to be immediately rooted and then put into flower.

  2. What's the percentage of the mix you used for the organic fertilizer? How much bloom to veg ratio before you mixed with the soil cuz you said all you did was water the whole life cycle. Lmk wanna try this out for myself.

  3. In a 3×3 gallon pot 9 plants from seed starting from the very beginning. 12 12 light cycle.
    Place a true 350 watt quality led in the highest position in tent . Ventilation well i mean air in air out you need co2 coming in constantly, so fresh air is a most .
    If you do not top and just clean up the bottom ,plenty of cal mag and proper nutritional support. In 94 days or so you have close to a pound .hps is too damm hot to get high yields in a tent maybe 300 grams.
    The heat stunts growth and melts trichomes.
    Do not over water. Its fertilizer with water then water water water then fertilizer.
    Use water/ fertilizer when it needz it .
    Drowning roots give small yeilds too or dead plants . Dont top. If you do takez couple more weeks or more to finish
    Over water over feed over heat not enough air movement and it will be poor quality if any quality

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