1. THIS NO BULLSHIT !!! Just like you I worked in construction all my life always reaching over my head. I'm retired from the trades now. At age 56 my shoulders joints are shot. Shoulder pain would wake me up several times a night. I now buy unflavored CBD concentrated that's made to be added to your E juice at my local vape shop. Immediately the pain was gone, I can sleep at night and can get up in the morning with no pain and not feeling like someone beat the shit out of me. The medical community here in NY. State is a money making farce and only want to prescribe drugs that will seriously fuck up your liver and turn you into a heroin addict and then want to perform surgery to make money. Not one of the bastards ever thought about medical marijuana and issuing me a medical card for it because there was no real money to be made in doing that for them and the large prescription drug companies. Just the second I could get legal CBD my shoulder issues were gone ! I pay $30.00 for 16.5 ml of the vape concentrate and use a couple of drops a day and it's last a long time. A very cheap fix for my situation.

  2. Weed bless you my stoney friend!!!! Glad you doing it up right in Washington, loved my visit up there in 2016, some of the best weed i have ever had in my entire 25 years, out here in Texas they are still all on that fuck weed shit, but it is what it is, Cant wait to kick it again in Washington one day soon!!!!!!!!
    Glad we got that cbd out here, CBD Saves

  3. Yes yes yes, get paranoid when smokin a Doobie of CBD in public but helps my anxiety, adhd and stress. thinking about getting one but Don't know price range though, if anyone can help me figure it out would appreciate it. Rock on and Tia is awesome too love y'all's vids together!

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