1. is it an unpleasant experience though? I imagine it's unpleasant though it's not clear in the video. I am not crazy about hot spices but I am interested in spicy foods.

  2. Have watched several of your videos now and really enjoy them.  Not just to see you in pain, but the description of the flavors is very interesting.  I just started growing peppers and have some superhots on the way so I'm learning a lot about what to expect from your reviews.

  3. My first superhot was a 7 pot brain strain.. not quite reaper hot, but damn. Like someone pulled a spoon out of a fire and stuck it right in my mouth.. you took it well, good man

  4. I thought for a moment you were going to pop the 2nd one in your mouth haha   I don't know why but for me the mouth and throat don't bother me but about 10 to 20 minutes later I feel like a charging rhino hit me right below the sternum and don't dare have a knife close by or I may use it on myself haha  doesn't bother me much at all on the exhause end either just right there below the sternum   do you ever get that??   Namaste  r

  5. Nice review Nigel, I swear you must be glutting for punishment!  lol    I am growing these this year, no way I would eat a whole pod now after watching this!  Cheers mate

  6. About an hour later I did get stomach cramps after this They came in 15 minute waves on and off for around 2 hours and I drank a pint of milk after the first ones. It made no difference!

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