1. Omg, I bought an 1000 mg today for the first time cause I want it, but had no single effect, it's a funky farms brand. After I drunk about a quarter of the stuff. What is the purpose of this product, it's just a medicine for pain?

  2. I don't plan on using CBD oil any time soon, but finding it to be everywhere, including computer games, got me curious about just how and for what people use it!

  3. So, does CBD kind of effect you like having a drink to clear anxiety? What are the benefits of CBD over alcohol?
    I'm not saying like 5-10 beer, but maybe 1 beer or a splash of whisky. I find most of the beneficial effects of alcohol happen with one drink; it's enough to relax the system, clear the mind and body of anxiety, but not enough to cloud the senses. The downside is that after 3-5 hours the effects of the alcohol are completely gone and anxiety/stress can return and prevent sleep/productivity. Can CBD last longer?

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