1. i m on zoloft 50 ml and i take some capsules of hemp seeds oil …..now i have got the CBD oil from Allur but last night i take 2 drops and fall in sleep and wake up with heart palpitation. WHY??? thank you

  2. So you are one of the few online doctors I've been watching for help/news about the pandemic. What a breath of fresh air to have this one 'suggested' by YT. From a time when noone knew about Covid 19 and only wanted to know about how to get to sleep and stop the pain.

  3. 2:45 – what is the taxonomic data on Marijuana … what species, what family of plants ??????? LOL … nevermind, marijuana is not even a viable species to describe attributes of plants …
    all cannabis = three chemotypes / C indica , C sativa , C ruderalis … marijuana is an tactical assault word

  4. You said they wouldn't have gotten there without taking a look at the plant. I say they wouldn't have gotten there without tokeing on a joint. 😎

    THC is there to reduce stress and to heal the mind. CBD is there to heal the body, reducing joint inflammation and other medical conditions. Both are needed together for full effect.

    I went to a doctor for a strain in my neck. He gave me narcotics for the pain. The pills did absolutely nothing for the pain. So, I sought out some weed and in about ten days, the neck was completely healed.

    I totally support 100% legalization.

  5. Many people are talking about Medical Marijuana on here. Dr. Mike was talking about CBD Oil. As he said marijuana has high THC and low CBD. Where as Hemp has high CBD and low THC. For me Medical Marijuana gave me terrible paranoia and caused me to gain weight (almost 20 lbs. in a short time). I found Medical Marijuana to be very detrimental to my mental state and to my health.

  6. 👏🏼Wonderful information. I admire your knowledge and how MUCH time and effort you must have invested to inform your investigation to people. God BLESS your health and family. 🙌🏼🙏🏼

  7. To me, this sounds like over millennia the human body has developed some kind of symbiotic relationship to cannabis, because it was very beneficial to it. Then that symbiotic partner was just snitched away. Why? Well, fitting in this disturbed times, mainly because of racism. Just read up why a guy named Anslinger invented the ban on hemp, and why racist and right-winger Republicans (namely Nixon) reinforced the demonizing of hemp and exploited its engineered bad reputation to further white supremacy. Sounds crazy, is crazy, but that's the reason.

  8. My daughter-in-law gave me CBD cream that I then used for a painfully stiff neck I had for months. Pain left. CBD did what tylenol, aleve, motrin and otc creams for muscle soreness did not do.

  9. Hi! I'd love to know more about THC's. Are they dangerous, can they spike blood pressure or lower it? I do know some people have palpitations when they smoke weed or eat an edible. I cant understand why someone would risk their health over a high….insanity!

  10. I wish we could find an oncologist or hematologist with a channel similar to yours. I actually thought of this while watching one of your Vitamin D videos and have just been browsing other topics you cover.

    It would be interesting and resourceful to find a cohesive and clear series in those related fields. I appreciate the work you do. Thanks

  11. Hi Dr. I been suffering Chronic pain since I was a young girl maybe around the ages of 5/6 years old. today I’m 40 in a body of a 90 year old woman who for a week I can’t get up from bed, suffers from back pain, both hips I feel like they get stuck and the kids gotta take me to the bed. I started to take CBD but have not found the right dosage or brand. I have try every brand dosage in the smoke shops I stay away from inflammatory foods, I do fee some work but not as long as I would love too. And they all have THC would be nice if you could make a video I been on Morphine for years now, and about a year on Naproxen. I suffer from fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I can’t drive to far otherwise I get lost. I have panic attacks in the middle of the road. I have been so positive for years people always ask Heidy how do you do it, work, your kids, you cook every day and have a clean home to be honest I don’t think about me. Everything I do is for my kids otherwise I wouldn’t be here anymore a human can’t live with pain for years it’s a miserable life that you ask yourself on your bad days what did I do for the Big Guy to send this to me? I see my kids and I forget about me and keep going.

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