1. Unfortunately very expensive to obtain. There’s two brands only at the moment and they both have the CBN in either liquid tincture or capsule form in the same dosages and price however as In both brands each of their product is 200mg each whether caps or tincture but a 1 to 1 ratio of both THC and CBN so 100 of each however one brand is 20 dollars cheaper one is 60$ one is 80$ so it’s around 70 dollars for 100mg of the stuff generally i take 10mg at bedtime or sometimes 5 which doesn’t do much however tonight I took more than 10mg for the first time I took 25mg of CBN over an hour ago and I DEFINITELY feel extremely relaxed right now I can tell I will sleep well and even though i took 25mg of thc as well it only feels a bit like a cannabis effect it definitely also feels as though i took 10mg of diazepam… very effective cannabinoid for relaxation and sleep and stress probably would work amazing for anxiety combined with CBD If CBD alone doesn’t help anxiety enough. Only problem is the dose for someone large with a tolerance it’s not cost efficient at this point because small doses don’t seem as effective at all for me. Wow I gotta add I paused the video in the beginning and wrote this comment after writing it I saw her mention diazepam that was so weird because I hadn’t heard them compared before this and diazepam happened to actually be what it felt the most like however like I said for me it’s 25mg that feels like 10mg of Valium 2.5 -5 wouldn’t do much for me at all unfortunately

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