1. I know you dont care and its off-topic so sorry for that beforehand, but have you ever noticed that the S from the Superman logo really is a snake and stands for Satan ? It has an eye on top and the body and tail of a snake :P. Thats because in short, the "Elite" are Luciferians/Satanists and they run Hollywood/MTV to brainwash the masses.

    You find all kinds of satanic symbolism in movies, shows, music clips etc. etc.

  2. Hey bro have you grown cannalope haze? Bro seriously I know you get a lot of this shit but pls grow cannalope haze when you get the chance dude this shit is so frosty and compact rock solid!!!

  3. Just throwing this out there. What would be the best way to yield 4-6 oz of good quality herb per cycle? I understand the basic principles of growing, but most of the guides I've seen have been about producing huge yields with energy munching lights in big ol' tents.

    I'd like to keep the total power draw under 250w, and grow space under 5ft high. Any suggestions for setups, examples, etc would be eternally appreciated.

    Also, a Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. you can grow a moustache u probly just have to let it fill in i keep trying to grow my beard but i have anxiety like you and when i get stressed i pull hairs out and make bald patches haha nexttime im deffinatly leaving it alone for good lol

  5. no notifications here dude… They're screwing ya haha I been meaning to ask you just as a general indicator, once you start to see orange hairs showing up, how much time do you have left befor harvest. thanks and double peace

  6. I need to figure out a cheap easy automated watering system because I’m away from plants for 4 days at a time and I think that’s gonna be difficult because I’ve never ran one and didn’t know how big resivoir I need and how to adjust watering them and when And what they need

  7. Man livin the dream brother, congrats and keep it growin, you definitely blew up quickly within a few years livin large, should be doing business seminars man, I work my ass off for low pay work and seems like I’ll always be stuck in this shit but it’s cool to see someone who acts like a good dude like me who did it big just with some ideas and after getting your subs up and then you go for it, big ups man

  8. I just now switched to coco. I've grew indoors with a peat based soil for 20 years. I done good with the soil. Last run I yielded 850 grams with one 600 hps and that was an average yielding strain. But now I got two hps lights and coco so hoping to improve yield. I never thought it would make a difference but I been seeing ppl grow pretty big plants in solo cups with pure coco so I decided to give it a try. Immediately I had calmag problems but now they're on track. Peace brother.

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