1. Congratulations! Love your show, I'm a big fan. I want to run a situation by you to see what you think. I live in an apartment complex in Washington state that has an Anti-Marijuana stance in the Lease. The Lease states that any use, possession, or sale/transfer of marijuana products by the renter is means for eviction. This includes visitors and guests. The Lease proclaims the right to do this by quoting Schedule I as a Federal law that is recognized by the Apartment Owner. This owner has a chain of Apartment complexes across the West Coast. The Manager of our complex frequently sniffs at the doors to discover who is "using". Apparently the smell of marijuana means a person is using. The next thing you know, a 10 day Notice to Quit is taped to your door with a warning to evict. This situation currently exists and I am wondering how to beat this. The Manager is tenacious and uses our neighbors to inform them of these "so-called" crimes. I think it is a bluff and has no legal standing but I'm not completely sure. We (my partner and I) haven't gone to court yet over this. So far, we received three of these warnings. What do you think?

  2. Congrats on the anniversary, Tom and MIggy! Good time for me to gush for a second…
    You guys are so cool and your activism shows how sincere and dedicated you both are to ending the injustice of cannabis prohibition and the stigma that has been applied to cannabis users. These are things I've been living with since I first started using in 1978. That's 42 years of paranoia and I'm so ready to put an end to it. Turns out cannabis cures cancer. What else do they need to know? Well it was racism that made them make it illegal in the first place and that's why more minorities are hurt.
    I'm with Miggy – cannabis should be no more regulated than broccoli. Federal legalization now! Let's do this!!!!
    <<<end of rant>>>
    Also –
    Your guests have been awesome and amazing and I'm looking forward to another year of great content.

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