1. Yeah. With my pain, I'd know if it worked for me. I even took cbd from the dispensary because I had a medical license for it in Colorado. The thc part of marijuana worked for pain but made me so anxious. I really hoped cbd would work for me, but I don't have months to waste money on trying it. I tried it for a couple of weeks and was done with the bottle I'd ordered that had cost me a lot. I thought maybe I'd try Charlotte's Web, but I'd hate to spend money and not have it work.

  2. Does not work by design in my opinion and did not work for a friend either. If it really worked big pharma would be in trouble so have to assume the ingredients that are beneficial have been tampered with or removed.

  3. The first time I tried CBD oil, a nurse friend brought it to ma and it was wonderful. After that I began ordering it online, but nothing I ordered worked or did what the label said it should do. My nurse friend doesn't remember the brand that she brought to me to try. I wish she did.

  4. cbd has allowed me to walk my dog instead of riding me electric scooter! I heard mention that cbd helps with sleep and I have noticed seep has increased to 7–8 hours instead of my usual 5–7 hours of TBI chaotic dream sleep.

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