1. That being tmv is debatable. Its been discussed in forums for years. Genetic mutation is what more people are leaning towards. I Had a strawberrycough cut that would do this often and it never spread to other plants. I ran it for about 8 years.

  2. I'm starting my first grow and have invested s lot for startup I have not by any means skimped on buying hop end products to complete my build. I've built a bigg grow room in my basement ordering two mars hydro 600w and an off brand 2000 ways led. Your vidfix have taught me very important things on my best route. I just emwidh I knew more bout LST and Hst training. So far do good thank you for all your help and instructions on this it's been a blessing thank you. I would love to speak to u about my set up and get you feed back.

  3. Finally someone on utube that just doesn't have a unboxing or does the par on the 680. Love to see more on this light. Tons of people are trying to see some grows on this light. Could u maybe give a video on some thoughts on growing with it or at least throw it on the description on your vids so other people can see? Thanks

  4. I have a chemdog clone that has that mosaic virus. I don't think it has had any affect to my plant at all. It is hard to say, this is my first grow. My nugs are fat a dense though, I can tell you that for sure!😁😎

    strain: Afghan Hash Plant (Barney's Farm)
    I kept 1 of 2 females and 1 of 2 males. from November germination to March Harvest there was no sign of TMV in either plant or in either of the other 2 plants i had in that run. I created 1100 seeds in that run and then i revegged the mother Afghan Hash Plant and sprouted a few of its seeds for summer. The revegging mother then started to show TMV in reveg. I now have the revegged mother and 2 seedlings from the winter run i did growing in my yard in a raised bed. the mother is huge and very healthy bet still expresses the TMV in places. its main stem is thicker than my ankle and its over 6 feet tall and too round for 2 grown men to meet hands around. I have tried cloning this plant, ALL clones showed the TMV so i kept none of them…cloning is by nature stressful which probably caused it to express. But only 1 of the 2 seedlings from the affected plant showed TMV…and NOT UNTIL borer larvae invaded it and compromised the plants health and it only has 1 weird leaf on a 6ft tall plant. Also the TMV has not spread to 1 other plant in my indoor last winter or in my outdoor garden this summer. It has only expressed in the originally affected plant, it's clones and in 1 of 2 of her seedlings. The Affected mother and both of its its offspring and an enormous early girl from sensi are all in a unpartitioned raised bed with no bottom, all in the same soil with their roots surely all entangled. 2 of the 4 are showing TMV, the originally affected plant and 1 of its offspring.
    Conclusion: Basing this on my observations over 1 year growing an affected plant inside and out, in amended promix and in wild true organic open earth, with unrelated plants as well as breeding the affected plant and growing ITS offspring too: TMV is definitely genetically transmissible but (at least in my observations) TMV is NOT being spread through the soil and is NOT being spread by contact either plant to plant or hand to plant. The virus seems superficial at its worst, and seems to only affect a plant that is having a shitty time for some other reason.

  6. my current super lemon haze grow has TMV and it was planted 1 week afte another plant of mine. its noticeably shorter by like half a foot to a foot and its been developping buds slower than my other plant despite flipping to flower at the same time

  7. What do you do with the soil/coco after your grows?
    Can it be be reused or anything since it'll have all the roots from previous grows to decompose and (possibly) feed future microbes with or do you toss it?

  8. Yo can you put make spotify playlist of all your music in your videos (you don't actually have to find all the music, but just the music you listen to). I come back to your channel pretty exclusively because of the production quality, music, and because of your personality. Thanks homie

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