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  2. the difference between cannabis and rockerfeller white-coat western medicine is that one is demonized, criminalized and cures all kinds of diseases and the other is glorified, over-advertised, outright dangerous and sometimes lethal. it is up to people to discover which is which. those who relie on governments/authority to tell them, have already lost.

  3. I have seen what pot has done to people I have known. I really have to say being out of touch with reality and having anger issues does not make a better community of people but then that's just me.

  4. Love this! Can't wait till Trudeau fully legalizes it! (Hoping he goes through with his promise) Marijuana helps with panic disorders, seizures, cronic pain, cancer and more πŸ™‚ Good luck! & Thanks for this.

  5. CERN might start up soon and disperse a worldwide frequency that will result in a reaction in the human body that will produce a flood of DMT or dimethyl tryptamine. This will cause all to go into the shamanistic realm or known as the psychedelic realm of consciousness. They call it the rainbow bridge or transcendence. It is a shift in consciousness from one reality to another. They always have an escape goat to blame it on like polar shifts and some planet like Nibiru. All will see the inner Cathedral of the body or temple. Lucifer will speak to all at once in the temple of the mind and claim he is God. And then he will tell all to take the RFID chip. He will fool most because of the Beauty of God's creation or machine that's now is a dying "Beast". Lucifer will speak to you in your conscious in your temple. And he will say to expect his son to come The false christ the antichrist. They will call him the New World teacher but he is a liar. RFID =666=bridge=no hope. Call on Jesus now!!

  6. Thank you for the information! So many members of my family/friends could have had a fighting chance against Cancer. I posted to my FB and Twitter pages I pray people look into this and Pray to Abba"God" for guidance on these issues. I forgive those corporations and may Abba forgive them as well in his court of lawπŸ™ Amen

  7. Mr Boyer is brilliant! His deep understanding of law and medical issues is awesome. His grasp of world events is astounding. Most only speak of the problems all humans face. This gentleman speaks of many solutions. Bravo sir. Mr Webre, it would be of great interest if you were able to speak to Marc's father & grandfather. The history and vision for the future would be of great value. I don't believe this apple has fallen far from the tree.

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