1. Legalization of marijuana will be one step closer to America descending into the chaotic nation it is becoming. We already have a pandemic and social unrest. We cannot afford any more of this. I pray that this evil plant stays illegal and that anyone hoping otherwise repent of their misguided mindsets. America needs Jesus, not marijuana.

  2. If Trump was for full legalization he’d win re-election by a landslide. Every Democrat I know is saying they’ll actually go vote this time, and vote for him if he supports legalization federally. Everyone just needs to get the word out and post online everywhere you can.

  3. I own farmland in Southern Missouri. It is very easy to grow high quality marijuana in this region. I wish the government would get out of my way and just let me plow up my pasture and cultivate marijuana, sell it to buyers who would package, label, and distribute it. But the goddamn government won't let me do that, so even if they say it's legal, it isn't really legalized in the way it SHOULD and COULD be.
    I've watched this marijuana debate since the 1970's waiting for the day the government would allow me to cultivate marijuana as a cash crop just like corn, but they're NEVER gonna permit me to do it. Just like they wouldn't permit my ancestors to make whiskey. They did it anyway, and were called criminals, while big corporations around the world are permitted to do it.
    Goddamn government.
    No wonder my ggg grandfather fought against the Union.

  4. Love will find its way . U can’t keep the truth away from the people. The Good that cannabis brings will only grow from this point on. Stay positive…. Full Legalization is just around the corner.
    One Love Stay Human

  5. Cannabis appetite. VFF the only positive EPS q2 2020. Been buying pure sunfarm vff stock at OCS for $120/oz. Def help calming me down during rhis pandemic anxiety. I will spend more on weed, since I spent less and work from home. Less for gas, more for grass.

    Aleafia same day delivery also pretty rad. America need to chill, up tight law maker should be educated. God bless Canada

    Aphria still the best quality and q2 2020 revenue and EPS def beat canopy who is 5x the mcap lol. Aphria is So undervalued and canopy is so overvalued.

    American investors doesn't really understand the changes. Always invest in LEAN company that focus lowest production and overhead cost. Avoid company thats spent too much on marketing and not enough in logistic. Revenue per employee is another good metrics to see if they are over staffed or not.

  6. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis .
    1 they are ignorant on the subject.
    2 they make money off of it being illegal.

  7. The house has tried to pass the SAFE act countless times and the senate wont let it go through 🙁 if the senate stays the same next year, what exactly would change?

  8. The longer those who choose to stay on the sidelines will pay even higher a year from now.
    I bought Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe, Wells Fargo, Twitter, eBay, Netflix

  9. Hopefully more cannabis users will move to heroin like in San Francisco – love watching all the young teenagers shooting-up in the streets – OD deaths could be a problem we don't want regular users to die – hopefully heroin use will grow – legalizing cannabis is at least a good first start

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