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  2. Don't vote for any politician who is not 100% in favor of ending federal prohibition.

    Hillary used the same tired "let's wait to see how Colorado's experiment pans out". I don't think it's fair to call recreational cannabis an experiment. The legal market has many federal cards stacked against their favor. Before we can truly experiment, federal drug laws and the dea must be eliminated. There is still a huge black market in Colorado because many residents cannot afford the legal product. It is taxed extremely high; employer's cannot deduct payroll expenses or even use a bank to store their profits. Should the legal market fail, prohibitionists will claim victory while ignoring federal roadblocks which retarded free market operations. Repealing alcohol prohibition was completely different in that the federal government decriminalized and permitted states' to take control. Legal alcohol industries faced none of the aforementioned federal government burdens. Also employers didn't perform alcohol screenings on their employees. Yet if someone tests positive for THC despite being sober during the screening they are terminated from employment. Even though marijuana was used days or weeks prior to their dismissal. THC stored in fatty acids is nowhere near similar to working while high.

    There exists a test that can determine whether or not people have consumed alcohol during the last 48 hours. Now imagine how pissed alcohol consumers would become if they were fired on monday for drinking a few beers saturday night. I imagine they would probably see it as unjust and completely illogical.

    All it would take to end legal, recreational cannabis is having someone like Chris Christie and like-minded politicians becoming potus. I'm paraphrasing, but Chris actually said that if elected he would enforce federal law. In my opinion that can only mean one thing: arresting all growers and consumers, despite being in compliance with state law.

    Recreational business owners who comply with state law and politicians living in those states should stand their ground if the feds send armed thugs to confiscate cannabis.

  3. I live in Arizona already voted Yes on Prop 205 , 2 days till I find out if Arizona has made a progressive difference in the legalization of marijuana. I hope that young kids won't be subjected to a permanent record for possession like I have. I was 18 when I was arrested and now I'm 29 and that crap is plaguing still me

  4. You shouldn't make the case about MJ being just a plant. Heroin is made from a plant as well, I believe its the poppy. I believe in what your saying but if you come with stronger ideas and points more people will listen.

  5. When Colorado first legalized it for recreational use. I heard Bill Clinton was one of the first to go buy a home there. Just goes to show how Hillary will say one thing to the public and do complete opposite.

  6. She doesn't impart any significant amount of trust in her nebulous statements and "knowledge" of the issue(s). As usual, sizing cannabis up for its profit potential, vis a via the pharma industry's lobbying ($$$$$) to prevent any change in policy.

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