1. Can attest that I couldn't breathe my entire life because of anxiety until I discovered cannabis.

    Haha when I first started smoking I would use a gram over about 3 weeks, but now I could easy blow through a gram a day on my own if I could afford it. Tolerance is a thing lol. I wish I had access to a clinic like that but my province is trying hella hard to keep a lid on cannabis access.

  2. i feel like the THC part of weed helps with PTSD and its funny how it gives you panic attacks but if stop smoking it for a day i have the worst panic attacks and the whole being away from your body helps me cope while im waiting for T and top surgery

  3. Thanks for sharing! I take CBD for chronic pain and anxiety. Have yet to try the oils (because of cost) would love an update video.

    Love your channel. ❤️

  4. OMG! I am exactly the same, I tried weed when I was younger and had a panic attack that bad that I now have a huge panic if I even smell it because I'm so scared of getting a secondhand high, I've never heard of anyone else having the same thing so it's kind of nice knowing I'm not alone in my madness

  5. i have bpd and smoking the right strains makes it sooo much more bareable. I just need a little to calm me down, mellow me out and makes me feel like I can just relax and not freak about about every little thing. Plus, I find it easier to kind of just let bad thoughts come and go without reacting so strongly to them. Higher cbd strains are the best, I've only tried cbd oil once but I also smoked so I don't really know if it helped a lot. Marijuana isn't for everyone but it's probably saved my life.

  6. I hope it helps you out, Chase! I use CBD oil to alleviate my shoulder pain and it's worked miracles. I also smoke to help with my anxiety, depression and overall bad mood. However, I noticed that if I smoke sativas, I have awful panic attacks that make me feel like I'm actually dying. Everyone's reaction to THC is different. It's an incredible plant and I hope that you'll advocate for legalization. For those who depend on it.

  7. Just be careful anyone trying marijuana for anxiety. I've struggled with anxiety for the majority of my life and I tried an edible to help me sleep and I got a serious panic attack. I've since learned you should only try half an edible the first time and I had a full 'dose.' Just do your research! Be careful!

  8. Heyy Chase! I commented on your other anxiety video but I thought I would write it here too so that you hopefully will be able to see it! My husband is taking medical marijuana for this BPD and anxiety and he has found it to be extremely helpful, he says it turns off the anxious voices in his head completely while he is doing it and he is able to just have fun and relax (which he hasent been able to do in years!) He does the best with indica and sativa blends or just indica for anxiety and his favourite strands so far are hindu kush and OG kush. I hope that helps! He finds edibles less helpful and more anxiety producing because they are so gradual, the smell also triggers him so he puts on a sweet smelling incense before hand so that he smells that instead and it keeps him calm and not triggered. Best of luck!

  9. Hey! I know everyone wants to help and you're probably getting loads of comments, but in the odd chance you havent heard this one yet, try taking magnesium supplements, a while ago my mom was perscribed with anti anxiety meds because she was anxious yo the point of sitting up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat but she didnt want to take it because that stuff does more harm than good, so she did some research and apparently magnesium deficiency is a really common reason for anxiety that can be treated within a month but it usually goes unnoticed because doctors jump right to meds instead of stuff that your body actually knows what to do with 🙂

  10. So I saw the video u posted once about quit T, and one of ur reasons were bc u were loosing hair. There is a nice product u can use to make it grow again. Lemme check the name, I'll be back with the name. I use recreational MJ, so anther good point to u, again! 😊

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  12. Dude thats crazy expensive. im in the UK, and it isn't technically legal to have medical marijuana, but cbd oil is as a 'food supplement'. the oil i take only has 0.2% thc but has high cbd oil % and it cost me £30 a month for oil plus daily capsules. you might wanna dig around and see if you can find stuff cheaper.

  13. i really need to look into getting a perscription for medical marijuana .. im currently on cympalta 90mg of cymbalta for my severe depression and anxiety. been on the same meds since i was 15 (now 21) . the main concern i have with my medication is the withdrawl symtoms are very very problematic, after one day of missing my meds i pretty much can function. i have no clue how to go about it though since i live in ontario and not quebec ✌ anybody have recommendations on how to go about it ? and any recomended clinics in ottawa, ontario ?

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