1. If it caused cancer then why do doctors give it to people that have cancer?
    Weed don't do shit, look at Mike Tyson he's doing sports he's fine look at snoop dog raps and is still ok

  2. 8000 dislikes verus 3000 likes. Good video for your channel doc. Hey I gotta tip for ya, listen close, I'm gonna whisper something in your ear: "Don't upload bullshit then this won't happen" you moron and all the dumb shits that are sitting on this table with you. No im not gonna keep my mouth shut.

  3. Forgot to mention I am 15 and have been smoking weed since I was about 12 smoking let’s say somewhere around six blunts a day for that long and I’m fine, I race motocross and it doesn’t make it any more difficult, no I am not racing high😂

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