1. im trying to understand whats going on here, these are all loops or tracks playing from a daw separated over 8 channels on the x-desk so he can create live versions? re-routing back in the daw or a recorder for recording? and is the recording multiband after? looks amazing!!

  2. in this endless pit of youtube where today a mans lifetime (pragmatically. no need for the math. i knw wat state people watch this kinda stuff in general) is not enough to see all the videos i am glad i got to see this awesomeness

  3. could you explain the two channels of drums? the 1st channel seems to be going through the effects buss, im guessing is only snare/hi hats. channel two would be just the kick?

  4. fuck! I wouldn't know where to begin lol if i had that machine ! it looks so complex now this ladies and gentlemen is why I trip.out yeah sure we got musically talents in instruments being played and people who can sing but this right here man is like those cats who he playing the mpc . like j dilla. rest easy my brahdahz. and cats like kev brown .

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