1. so "you don't talk about medical opium"…except for the prescribed opioids that many medical cannabis patients are using cannabis to lessen their addiction to…the reason that people have to crumble it up and smoke it or put it in to a brownie is because people like this man support the classification of this and other plants as a schedule I drug so that their benefits cannot be researched by any organization that receives public funding; and with the messed up way that our universities are these days, you can not seriously compete as a research institution without fitting into this category somehow. the DEA is the "muscle" of an organized crime racket that has a monopoly on the drug market.
    the war on drugs has never been about public health, it has been used as a tool, by those who see people that are different from them and want a way to use the government to throw them in jail. so yes the problem is the law, which gives racists a tool to turn the racism and bias that they have in their hearts in to laws that oppress minority groups.
    if you would like to learn more, please go to https://jo20.com/

  2. it's said that medical cannabis has mind expanding properties which stimulate free thought…. So in other words, mind control doesn't work well (or at all) on those who use Cannabis. Did you know that Cannabis is the #1 NO NO to the global elites? After all they wouldn't want their minions thinking for themselves now…

  3. gubment wasn't instituted because there was a shortage of nanny's, it was instituted to protect life, not live it for us, liberty, meaning obey the COTUS, and pursuit of happiness, meaning the 9th amendment isn't an afterthought so stop usurping our rights. it's not the role of gubment to tell people what they can or cannot use as a medicine or as a social lubricant. and if marijuana dispensaries were 'the problem' in black neighborhoods it would be an improvement. gubment fucked things up for indians and blacks 'helping' them, so until you get that shit fixed leave me the hell alone

  4. Well now I know the surgeon general can't be trusted. Ever smoked marijuana Mr. Surgeon General??
    It's a fuckin' wonder drug.
    Except it's not a drug.
    It's M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E. Since you're clearly part of the Deep State then you're aware of WHY it was made illegal in the first place. Because it IS medicine.
    The Jig Is Up Buddy. I've been using marijuana happily for 20 years, for a variety of reasons. And I'm "healthy as a horse." I started after a brutal attack, the 3rd in a string of 3 in a 6-year span. The last one consisted of me waking up in the middle of the night in bed in my own apartment only to find a fuckin' nutjob MANIAC sitting on top of me in my bed, straddling me, pinning down both my legs & my arms, as he covered my mouth with his hand repeating 'Don't scream. Don't scream."
    His other hand was attempting to unbutton my pyjamas. Not knowing how I was going to defend myself, how I was going to survive, I stared at the wall & made this automatic decision to make what I was certain was my murder as loud as humanly possible so that my neighbour would wake up before I actually died. Next thing I knew I bit the hell out of his hand, he punched me twice, & thankfully I was able to struggle free as we rolled off the bed & I screamed for my life. He ran scared cuz I chased that motherfucker right out the way he came in. And that would be my back balcony. He removed my screen, got my window open, was able to unlock the door & he just let himself in.
    If that isn't the epitome of a coward I don't know what is.
    Marijuana saved my life. After that last trauma I couldn't sleep for a year. I took self-defense classes, even installed an alarm system on my rental apartment I was so terrified. I've moved 3 times & I STILL check out back to make sure there's no freaks LURKING IN MY BACKYARD. Diagnosed with PTSD & severe anxiety, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I'd jump 10 feet in the air every time the toaster popped. I couldn't remember his face so I was afraid of everyone. Every man I saw in the street I thought "That could be him." What happened is that my attacker became everyone.
    And that's no fuckin' way to live.
    Marijuana helped me sleep, helped me eat, took the edge off, gave me my smile back by making me laugh, & so much more. It's made my meditations better, my yoga more enjoyable, & just my life in general a lot more peaceful ☮️ Oh at first, in my sparkling naivete, I tried going 'the Big Pharma way' & listened to "the good doctor" .. much to my chagrin. I became incredibly tense, more so than usual, & was clenching my jaw so much that people at work during my day shift were asking me if I had popped speed for breakfast.
    When I went back to see the doctor to tell him it wasn't working it was making me worse – he goes & gives me a new prescription upping my dose🔥🔥🔥🔥 That was a huge awakening moment for me. I knew right then & there that this was a huge Big Pharma scam 💩 So Mr. Surgeon General, kindly take your Propaganda & get lost cuz you're full of it 💩
    Big Pharma wants to get rich at the expense of our lives, my life, your life. They're not interested in helping or curing you. If they were & they did they'd put themselves out of business, & no company would shoot themselves in the foot like that. Smoke a spliff / eat a brownie / listen to #StickFigure / & have someone you can talk to, & you'll be just fine🥂Someone you can talk it out with, or be that person yourself, sit by yourself in a room & get real. You gotta tear yourself open, Deal, Heal, then Move On. To get rid of anxiety & depression all you have to do is find activities that keep you in the present. Depression is worrying about the past, anxiety is worrying about the future. And both are happening inside your head. And that's the problem. To heal, to have peace, you have to move your being / your essence / your core / out of your head & into your heart.
    Meditation will help you do that.
    You have to deal with your shit once & for all & put it to bed & leave it in the past, or it'll just keep popping back up until you do🔥
    You most certainly won't get healed by putting a Big Pharma bandaid on it. Peace & Love to all ☮️

  5. LOL this guys a meat puppet. clueless. people like him are the reason its not allowed to be studied more openly to allow for the health benefits to be recognized and acknowledged , it clearly works . yet he doesn't mention alcohol , opiates , prescription abuse , or alcohol . odd. . . .

  6. You are a FOOL if you believe what this guy says… Yes, it's stronger so we can USE LESS… Pregnancy, and during brain development are special circumstances.. I use a LOT of opiods for pain control. I USED to use marijuana illegally and was able to GREATLY REDUCE my opioid usage… Since I have quit marijuana I have gone back to full usage of my PERSCRIBED OPIODS AND I FEEL WORSE! This guy has already shown he is a liar and another trump pawn (he SAID our OBESE, fast food and aderol addicted president is HEALTHIER THAN HE IS!) and to believe him is to believe what comes out if Trump's behind, oops… Mouth! Watch the old movie "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and then judge for yourself what this fool is!

  7. Black lives matter need to stand up and protests against these legal drugs in our communities. Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, prescription narcotics, abortion clinics are situated in the black community to destroy.

  8. This guy is an idiot. You don't know what to do with the opioid crisis so Mr military goes after cannabis. Marijuana is just common slang. Then tighten pain prescriptions to the point where it's to hard to get them. Yet heroin runs the streets. And genius the cannabis is already in every neighborhood. Hiding behind that uniform. No experience in science.

  9. Thank you Surgeon General for telling the truth about the dangers of marijuana. The problem is you are talking to a country of pot heads who have lost the ability to reason.

  10. Complete moron. This guy is an absolute idiot. Answer this, how is it that a plant that absolutely works, worse than opiates for pain? Are you kidding me? Amazing he is a doctor, proves you don't have to be smart to be one. Tell all the patients with debilitating pain to do what now?

  11. This man deserves no respect

    Just a bribed method of spreading propaganda

    I am looking to join activists for medical marijuana in michigan anf reducing the outlandish regulations surrounding it. Does anyone now where to start

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