1. Beautiful and instructive message. Stopped @37 mins to share some info about sprouting seeds. If you have a lot of garden space, you may dedicate some beds to grow vegetables for sprouting purposes. Allow them grow till they propagate/bolt, or reach their seed making stage. You will see this when your plant stem starts growing taller and produces flowers. Harvest the seeds when the seed pods are bulging (end of pregnacy😃) and dry them out in a brown paperbag. When fully dry, (this may take months), separate the seeds by crushing the pod with your hands and winnowing the pod chaff.

    This process is daunting and long at first but once you get into it, you may always have a good supply of your own organically grown heirloom sprouting seeds. It can be cost effective in the long run.

    I am currently doing this with Broccoli and Pak Choi and growing Alfalfa microgreens.

    I'm also dehydrating the sprouts at the lowest temp on the dehydrator to maintain live enzyme activity, and making them available to people as a superfood. These can be eaten dry. To rehydrate, simply soak sprouts in filtered water for 30mins, drain and consume.
    Hope this helps someone😄 May God continue to bless this ministry!

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