1. This detox program will have THC permanently removed from my system unless I start using again correct? Because I’ve made a very big choice on where I want to stop at where I want it completely out of my system and not have to worry about a drug test so that’s why I’m doing this early and want to know more if you can please help me on this I would really appreciate it

  2. Typically Smoke 1-2 a day, 5’9 @ 170 lbs. workout every other day, eat relatively healthy, mostly consume water on a day by day basis. Average metabolism. My test is on August 5th and the 10 day toxin rid program is due to arrive tomorrow, so in a perfect world my first day on the detox should be the 24th of July. The last time I smoked was early this morning. Do you think I will have a good chance at passing the test? If not, what would you recommend?

  3. Hi I have a urine test in 10 days. I will start the 2 day detox in 5 days. I haven't smoked in the last 7 days but before that I used to smoke once a day. I used to smoke from an apple bong so I wasn't consuming much but the weed was good and THC high. When I give the test I will not have smoked for 17 days. I weigh 210 pounds and my metabolism is good. Do you think the 2 day program will help me pass the test?

  4. Hi. I’m a heavy smoker and use good quality weed. And edibles. I’ve stopped for 37 days now, and still piss positive. I’ve been working out regularly sweat a lot. I’m trying to decide between the 7 and the 10 day considering I’ve stopped for that long. I’d figure that if I had just just stopped a couple of days ago, then most likely I’d use the 10 day program. What are thoughts/suggestions?

  5. Hello John. My name is luis. So basically. I’m a heavy smoker. I smoke dabs and good weed daily. I always stop a month before my drug test so I can pass. And usually whatever detox I take or certo in the last situation. Works. But I kind of went overboard this time. And I’m thinking about purchasing this item. It’s November 20th today. And my drug test is December 14th-15th. What do you recommend I should do and how many days of the product should I buy. Please let me know whenever you can. Thank you for the video by the way. Very informational.

  6. Hi John, Thanks for the helpful video.

    I use to be a heavy weed smoker for around 4 years (3 times a day, always flour never wax or edibles). i stopped smoking heavily a while ago (around January 1st 2019 so its been a while) however from Jan 1st 2019 to September 2019 i would smoke probably once a month (so i would consider this occasional smoking?). this month of October, last week i smoked on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on October 21st to 24th, (1 session per day) in small dosages however it was a consistent 4 days straight. I have been smoke free after that (and today is monday october 28th so i have been 4 days clean). I have a pee test anywhere from 2-3 weeks (not sure, as they have not confirmed which date yet). I am 5''10 and i weight around 190 and would consider myself overweight. I don't exercise and my diet hasn't been good lately. I would say my metabolism isnt that good. I would love your advice or input. Also, is there a specific home drug test kit that you recommend that is reliable? I looked on amazon and some cost $15 with 4 star reviews, however i always read the 1 star reviews and they always say "dont waste your time and money on this, it doesnt work". I read the other comments and you recommended the ones from Walgreen, but are those even reliable?

    I would love your advice and input on how fast it will take to clear my system. Also does smoking cigarettes drastically harm my chances? I am addicted to nicotine so cutting cigarettes out would be extremely hard, but i can change my eating diet easily.

    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!

  7. I started back smoking almost 2 months ago. Daily smoker, high grade bud. But before I started back it was roughly 3 years since I smoked. I’m 11 days clean and just ordered the 5 day detox kit. Should have a urine test in about a week from now. What you think?

  8. So I have a hair follicle test doming up in a few weeks I stopped smoking back in the end of april2019 and only had smoked for about a week and a half before that it had been about 7 months I’ve done the Macujo method about 5 times now and been working out and eating healthier I’m 6’3 325 very active tho any more advice ?

  9. My question/situation: i smoked every day for a year, but stopped for 5 weeks and passed my first test, i smoked a little after that test for 2 weekish daily and then stopped again for 4 weeks. I have smoked daily for the last 4 days and have my next test june 30th. I am a smaller guy and i have a pretty high metabolism. Did my breaks help the thc buildup stay lower since i restarted my system? Please send me some insight!

  10. Ok so my thing with this is do you need to know the exact day of the test. Say you got the ten day program and the test was on the eleventh day..did I just waste 100 bucks? How long does the detox keep you clean for? Hours or days or weeks? I’m just not sure I could pin point the exact date of my test.. please let me know man!

  11. Hi John, thank you for this video. I have an upcoming pre-employment urine test coming up in 10 days at minimum. I'm about 5'4 and 135lbs. I play hockey 2-3 times a week. I smoked every day for about a year (mostly dabs, like 1-2 a day). I stopped smoking completely on April 21st and smoked again from April 28-30th and haven't smoked at all since April 30th. Today is May 22nd. Which Toxin Rid program would you recommend?

  12. I smoke every night before bedtime for the past 2-3 months. I use a pen with 258 mg of THC, 0.15 CBD, 91.39% total active cannabinoids. I weigh 230lbs and I’m 5’10. I hit the gym at least 5 times a week, I weight lift most of the time (2hrs average with 1-1.5 total hours of cardio per week.) I just got a phone call to schedule a possible interview and I’m sweating it. I’m calling back tomorrow. Please advice.

  13. Hello I’m 5’11 150lbs with a fast metabolism. I used those dab pen cartridges for a few times a day every day for about 2-3 months and I haven’t smoked in about 2 and a half weeks. I purchased the 5 day detox kit and am on day 2. Will I be able to pass a test in the next week or 2?

  14. I’m 5’10 260lbs. I smoked pretty much every day for the last 2 years but cut back to only a couple times a week in mid March. I have quit completely now for a week. And my test isn’t till second week of May. Please help!!!

  15. I haven't smoke in nine months I smoked today and have 16 days till a urine drug test I'm also 5,9 and weight about 136 I have a very high metabolism rate. What would you recommend?

  16. Good evening, i was wondering its been almost about 3 months since i stop smoking but i did a test to my self and it came out a little blurry, my hight is 5.11 and my weigh is 185 so i wanted to know if im close to clean do i need a total 10 day or would i be able to make it with less. I need to clean myself asap because i have a really good job offer and i dont want to let it go. I need help!

  17. When someone finishes the 10-day program..they come out clean in a home testing … will he only be clean for a few hours or days or is it definite.?? Of course if I maintain my abstinence… just double-checking I asked over the phone and I was told that it was definite… I decided to order the 10-day program because I tested myself with 44 days clean and I was still dirty I'm overweight though I'm sure that's the reason. Today is April 3rd and I will be drug screen in the first week of May. Thank you

  18. Know for a very reasonable question!? i feel like everyone is saying the same thing in different ways lol! my question is, how fast mins, hrs. does it take for you to become positive. Once you have taken it! Or like whats the fast detox kit, that gets rid or thc in a couple hrs??? please… and thank you!….(=<

  19. I'm a male and I'm about 5'7 and weigh about 130 pounds with a faster than average metabolism. I have been dabbing concentrates everyday as well as finishing full gram, potent thc distillate cartridges every 3-4 days for at least the past year. I have a pre-employment non-DOT medtox drug screening coming up that I can take anytime before May 8th. I have not smoked any thc in the past 4 weeks. What would you suggest I do?

  20. I'm 6'0"..190..body fat is 11..I smoked 5 times a week for a month..I stopped 1 month before taking the 10 day program..let alone did HIIT workout at the same time..stopped exercising couple days before taking my test..n I FAILED …WASTE OF MONEY..DO NOT BUY..tested again with Q carbo n passed.

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