1. i just feel like this cbd is a scam i feel its something useless off the marijuanna that they try to sell and yeah im baked right now if u werre wondering just smoke marijuanna people youre like will be much happier

  2. This could help me!!! I had a wreck a very bad wreck when I was 14 I literally had my hand crushed and sliced off in a ATV and I have extreme artheritus and pain constantly but it refuse to take pills I just can't hardly stand take them plus now i can no longer get them. I have had to take them a few times because the pain becomes unbearable. I am definitely going to try this.

  3. Hi Thanks for all the great info. I have CBD oil in coconut oil but when I mix some into my eliquid my vape pens stop working 😔 Am I doing something wrong? Is the oil too thick? I'm finding that the vape works very quickly on my nerve pain but the oral method is still not very effective. I'm quite confused & would appreciate your advice please. Thank you

  4. still don't get it thought THC was the most important ingredient otherwise why bother,maybe I'm just not educated enuf,I smoked weed for over 25yr stopped about 10yr ago,but back then it was all about not the most THC but the right balance, I tape now and am considering skunk flavours because I do miss the taste,I don't wana get shit faced tho

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