1. I can't thank you enough for posting this video. I have been smoking for forty-five years and this was the first year I decided to put some dirt in a flower pot and grow my own. I did a little bit of research but just decided to stick one seed in the flower pot and let it do its thing. And trust me, do its thing it did. lol I planted it in late April. It didn't get very tall but it did grow. Almost two feet tall. Last week I noticed that it had budded up and with the rains and winds that came thru I just cut it (it had also turned brown). I got about three quarters of an ounce from it.

  2. nice, short and sweet, and to the point. Thanks for clearing up the "amber" trichomes argument. I prefer the early pick myself, to function and get creative, rather than couch lock or follow the dog around all day.

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