1. Some Facts About Cannabis (Collected From Authentic Research Papers) :
    When individuals suffering from pre-existing medical conditions use marijuana in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms, ultimately this worsens their conditions over time. Although marijuana effects depend on the individual’s endocannabinoid receptors (which control behavioral functions, like aggression) and the potency level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the drug, scientifically documented links between certain marijuana users and violence do exist.
    But when we compare the effects and addiction level of cannabis with other narcotic drugs, we can say that cannabis is not much potent to cause severe addiction in lower dose levels. But still various studies suggests that incresed use of cannabis can be the cause of violence in relation to the mental state and health of the user.
    Please refer this is study for understanding cannabis use and lung cancer risk :

    Source : NCBI

    Long term cannabis use increases the risk of lung cancer in young adults. 👇


    Cannabis does not prevent cancer instead it helps to relieve the symptoms of cancer such as pain, vomiting.. etc 👇


    Thank You 💜

  2. unless you go ecstasy weed is absolutely fine ,try the trip once in your lifetime ..you wont regret it ,mainly whatever addiction you've got it will vanish with weed,just know your bud type if its indica or sativa ..it will just make you hungry and make everything calm cool slow down ,if trips go over then listen trance

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